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Southwest Love Fest 2023

April 14th - 16th, 2023

Friday Workshops

Emma is pictured on the left. She is a white woman with reddish shoulder-length straight hair, brown eyes, and a big smile. She is standing next to Fin, their arms around each other. Fin is pictured on the right. He is a white man with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a big smile. They are both wearing navy blue t-shirts that say “Give Love” in light blue print. They are standing in a field with the sun setting behind them.

Is there a Right Way to do Non-Monogamy?

Emma (she/her) + Fin (he/him)

It’s no secret that the mainstream view of non-monogamy is generally less than favorable. However, even within the non-monogamy community there are often strong and sometimes divisive opinions on how you should be loving, connecting, and relating. All of these “shoulds” can lead us to feelings of deep shame and guilt around our own desires and practices. Emma and Fin compare some of these “shoulds” to the real-life experiences of the 400+ non-monogamous people they’ve interviewed for their podcast in hopes of dispelling the narrative that there is a “right way” to be non-monogamous. This interactive workshop will blend storytelling with opportunities to share your own experiences in small groups.

For Emma and Fin, life is all about seeking out adventure, embracing the chaos, and meeting amazing people along the way. They’ve been together for over 17 years, non-monogamous for over 15 years, and have explored a wide range of different relationship dynamics. Together they host the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast and run the global online (and in-person) community of the same name. Their mission is to inspire people to embrace their true selves so that, together, we can open minds and live authentically without shame.

Heather is a white woman with dark brown curled hair and dark brown eyes behind black cat eyed glasses. She is pictured sketching at a table with a purple colored pencil. On the table is a close up of a sketched image on a large drawing pad next to a jar of well used paint brushes. She appears casual with a slight smile, wearing a razor back white tank top with a visible black bra underneath and a red polka dot bandana tied in her hair.
Poly Island
Heather Franck (she/her)

“Come on in, guys!” Join our group of castaways in this interactive workshop all about building and maintaining poly pods. We will start with a Survivor inspired group game where you are forced to compete against each other to win the prize - though it’s not a million dollars. Through this game and a guided discussion, we will take a light hearted approach to categorizing people in our life. Be prepared to share what your pod looks like, or what you want your pod to look like.

Heather Franck is an artist best known for her books, Polyamory is Sketchy and Poly Bullet Journal. She co-leads polyQ, a social and support network for queers in polyamory. A returning presenter to Southwest LoveFest, Heather has also presented on inclusion at Atlanta Poly Weekend, RelateCon, and genderevolution. She is passionate about LGBTQ visibility and educational outreach, see her community fundraiser at Heather practices hierarchical polyamory with her primary partner in Idaho and her orbit lover in Chicago. See her on Facebook.

Rebbeca is a white woman with long blonde curled hair. The image is in black and white headshot in front of a neutral grey backdrop. Rebbeca is pictured smiling, wearing a black v-neck blouse and a Karma circle silver necklace.
Are your sexual values aligned or in a 69?
Rebbeca Lahann, Psy.D. (she/her)

We all tend to have a rough idea of what values are important to us overall, but have you ever considered this in the context of sexuality? How would you know when your sexual values are out of alignment for yourself or with a partner, and if this may be contributing to communication breakdowns within your relationship dynamics? This workshop will be a discussion and exploration of how sexual values shape core beliefs, thoughts and behaviors regarding sexuality. Participants will learn how to identify if one may have become misaligned with their sexual values, and how to be intentional in navigating choices that allow one to stay congruent with their sexual values.

Dr. Lahann is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, and speaker. She is focused on providing education, resources, and psychological services as the Clinical Director of Spectrum Psychology and Wellness in Gilbert, AZ. Her work specializes in individual counseling and holistic sex therapy, focusing on intersectional approaches to values-aligned living across the lifespan. She has experience working with diverse bio-psycho-social-sexual backgrounds, relational dynamics, and a broad spectrum of mental health presentations. She has been involved in the BDSM, kink, Alt, and CNM/poly communities for several decades, and is a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)’s Kink and Polyamory Aware Professionals Directory (KAP). Dr. Lahann has been an active member of her professional community in various roles. She is Past-President of the Arizona Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium. You can find Dr. Lahann on Instagram: @holisticsexuality.

Smiling short haired blonde woman wearing a pink had and green helmet climbing in snow with skis on her back.
Polyamory and Attachment: A Therapeutic Lens on ENM
Jess Shade (she/her)

Curious about the ways in which you show up to your relationships? Ever wonder why certain partners or certain situations elicit emotional responses you did not expect? Join Jess Shade, CMHC, for a discussion on Attachment Theory as it relates to ethical non-monogamy. There will be a mix of slide-based classroom learning and hands-on self-reflection to better understand what the psychological research shows about human attachment to others and how that applies to you. Be prepared to walk away with resources for further learning as well as tools for deeper self-reflection. Also, bring one or more of your partners to this workshop and apply these attachment tools directly with your attachment figures!

Jess Shade is a queer cis-woman, licensed mental health therapist, and ENM person based out of Salt Lake City, UT. In her professional life, it is important to her to work with the communities nearest to her heart. As such, Jess counsels many members of the Queer, ENM, and Kink communities as well as works with mountain athletes and professionals. She serves on the leadership committee for the LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah. Jess also works as a clinician with the American Alpine Club’s Climbing Grief Fund, a therapy scholarship program for climbers and skiers who have suffered traumatic injury or loss of partners. More info about Jess’ life and work can be found at her website: and her Instagram: @shade_jess . Don’t be a stranger! Please reach out. :)

Chaneé is a Black femme with red braids wearing tortoiseshell glasses and a multicolored shirt. She is wearing brown lipstick.

Intentional Polyamory: How to Be Polyam, on Purpose

Chaneé Jackson Kendall (she/her)

People often arrive at polyamory as a progression from other forms of non-monogamy. As a result; old ways of being that are not compatible with the goals of polyamory often remain. The Intentional Polyamory framework seeks to examine the ways in which our actions are out of harmony with our goals, de-program and de-center monogamy, and help participants to build the polyamorous lives that they desire. Polyamory is primarily a journey of self; so the conversation begins with a focus on self work. We then examine 3 additional pillars of intentionally building a life that supports our polyamorous lovestyle.

Chaneé (pronounced Shanay) Jackson-Kendall is a Black polyamorous educator and event planner, who co-founded Black Poly Pride, the first and only Black polyamorous conference for Black people, by Black people. She has openly identified as non-monogamous and kinky for over a decade, and is the proud Mama of a kind, intelligent son, whom she lovingly co-parents with 3 other amazing humans. Chaneé has dedicated her life to polyamorous education, outreach, and activism, and is passionate about normalizing polyamory as both a relationship orientation and a valid relational choice. Chaneé discovered the online polyamorous community in 2012 and has been an active, and often outspoken member ever since. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; she led the Black Poly Pride team in hosting a series of virtual events entitled “Are Black People Allowed. In late 2022, Chaneé launched Intentional Polyamory, an educational initiative that provides one-on- one coaching, in addition to a rolling cohort to teach people how to create polyamorous lives, on purpose. IG: @ChaneeSpeaks

JoEllen is a redhead with long hair, pale skin and wide-set hazel eyes. She is wearing a purple sweater and looking directly at the camera.

In It Together: Navigating Depression with the People We Love

JoEllen Notte (she/her)

Inspired by JoEllen's books "The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression, and the Conversations We Aren’t Having" and "In It Together: Navigating Depression with Partners, Friends, and Family," this workshop explores the possible impact of depressions on relationships and sexual function and what keeps us from effectively addressing it. Get ready to look at reasons, explore solutions, challenge widely-held beliefs, and offer concrete strategies for navigating depression in your sex lives and relationships.

JoEllen Notte is a writer, speaker, and mental health advocate whose work explores the impact of depression on sex and relationships. Since 2012 she has written about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken on her award-winning website, The Redhead Bedhead. She is the author of The Monster Under The Bed: Sex, Depression, and the Conversations We Aren’t Having (Thorntree Press, 2020) and In It Together: Navigating Depression with Partners, Friends, and Family (Thornapple Press, 2023). @JoEllenNotte on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Moogle Macabre is a heavyset, black person with blue hair featuring a septum piercing, eyebrow piercing, and two snake bite piercings smiling. Wearing goth makeup of the black lip and starry eyed variety. Clothing is a simple black top and a black zippered hoodie with moon and occult symbol detailing with black crow jewelry.
How to Manage Jealousy
Moogle Macabre (she/they)

Being ethically non-monogamous lets us experience so many wonderful emotions! But it also can bring out difficult emotions like jealousy. While not everyone experiences it, many of us do and if you do, this discussion is for you! We will start by going over jealousy, reasons why we feel it, envy vs. jealousy, and some management tools. The last portion of this will turn into an open discussion and Q&A to help share our own experiences, advice, and get general support. Being jealous is OKAY and we're here to help you get through it!

Moogle Macabre is a presenter and adult educator for Polyamory and BDSM/Kink. They've been polyamorous and part of the BDSM/Kink community for over a decade. They served on the board of TNG-AZ (The Next Generation of Kink) for over 8 years and have been presenting on polyamory and various BDSM/Kink topics for even longer. They identify as black and disabled, polyamorous and kinky, queer and neurodivergent, plus fat and goth. They're also a big geeky! They live with and manage a large polyamorous household and are the mother of an amazing neurodivergent NB kiddo. They're also an advocate for LGBTQAI+, mental health, and neurodivergent individuals.​ This is their 4th year back and they're honored to be presenting again!

Photo is a picture of Zach wearing a red henley shirt and a grey flat cap, wearing glasses and smiling. He has a bluetooth headset hanging around his neck.
We're Going to Need a Bigger Couch; CNM and Therapy
Zach Budd (he/him)

Let's be real, EVERYONE needs to be in therapy. Particularly people in relationships. CNM folks definitely need to access knowledgable professionals who can help navigate relationships. I want to help you navigate the relationship therapy world. Filled with dos, don'ts, Q&A. This discussion will be from the POV of a polyamorous, kinky, educator who is also a therapist who sees poly and kinky folks. Come ask your questions. Come get some answers. Come learn what to expect and what you shouldn't tolerate. Bring your whole polycule and bring your questions.

Zach is a self-proclaimed nerd, a sex geek, and a consent junkie. He has been actively polyamorous for over a decade and kinky for even longer. Zach is a consent educator, social worker, and mental health professional. He firmly believes that everyone has the right to their choice of how to “live, love and relate”. Zach lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston, Texas where he enjoys listening to and playing music, advocating for his own and others’ self care, all things Star Trek, reading, gaming, hockey, cooking, and is owned and loved by a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia. Zach is dedicated to his work in mental health and is currently working with victims of Domestic Violence and Seuxal Assault as well as counseling people in nonmonogamous and kinky relationship structures. Zach has served on polyamory and kink discussion panels, conducted workshops, delivered keynote speeches, and recorded podcast episodes on the subjects of polyamory, consent and kink. He is also Liaison for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a proud member of the Board of Directors for Loving More. The nation’s oldest polyamory organization. IG: @zinvictuz

Close-up of a couple, faces pressed together, smiling. On the left is a White woman with brown hair pulled up on top of her head, wearing a blue shirt, and silver hoop earings, and on the right is a light-skinned black man with short black curly hair and a light purple shirt under a navy hoodie. The background is green leaves with purple flowers.
It Starts with One: How to Move Beyond Struggles and Create an Extraordinary Relationship
Dr. Jeni Wahlig (she/they) + Calvin Osili (he/him)

Relationships are at the foundation of our lives and well-being. Unfortunately, most of us are not taught how to consciously and effectively move through struggles in our relationships, much less create the supportive, enriching, joyful relationships we all want and deserve. In this presentation, we will share some of our own epic journey through struggles that nearly tore us apart and into a relationship that is easy, fulfilling, and 99% conflict free. We will share what we have learned (and are now teaching others) about what it really takes to get past those struggles and create an extraordinary relationship. These can be summed up into four empowering shifts that center the power (and responsibility) of each partner to participate in the healing, growth, and transformation of their relationship.

Dr. Jeni Wahlig is a transformational relationship coach, licensed couple & family therapist, teacher, author, & public speaker. She identifies as graysexual queer, genderqueer-femme, polyamorous, white, able-bodied, & a parent. Self-proclaimed “relationship nerd,” Jeni has dedicated her career to studying relationships & supporting couples, particularly within the Queer & Trans communities. Calvin Osili is a transformational life and relationship coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and dad to 5. He identifies as black, straight, trans, polyamorous, and neurodivergent. Calvin ended his successful 15yr+ corporate career to pursue coaching full-time because he recognized that his life was most fulfilling when he was helping others transform theirs, especially in the LGBTQ+ community. Together, Jeni and Calvin offer critically conscious relationship education & coaching through their business, PowerfuLove. Their mission is to empower couples with the knowledge and skills they need to move beyond struggles & consciously create an extraordinary relationship. ; Instagram:

A very colorful illustration of a white woman's face with asymmetrical, curly, purple and blonde, shoulder length hair on the right side of her face, and an undercut on the left side. She has blue eyes and is slightly smiling.
Mindful Poly
Nova (she/her)

Meditation practice is a beautiful way to connect more deeply with the present moment and the people you share it with. This workshop will encourage you to approach each moment, each partner, and yourself, from a place of curiosity and exploration. Through guided meditation, it will also help you cultivate space to notice your feelings and emotions before you choose to act on them. By practicing these techniques and exploring their connection to polyamory, we will seek new ways to offer ourselves, and those closest to us, compassion and understanding, especially during challenging times. More info at

Nova is an incredibly curious human who loves learning more about life, the universe, and everything. After more than a decade practicing polyamory and mindfulness, she’s been inspired by the way the two explorations interconnect. She is a full-stack programmer, a marathon runner, and a member of a wonderful, supportive poly family. Her pronouns are she/her and she identifies as grey aromantic/asexual, pansexual, and polyamorous.

Picture of Yael, from the chest up, in a maroon dress with a deep neckline and gold hoops. Yael has short brown hair with some curls, is light-skinned, and is smiling widely.
Tools for Smoothing the Transition into ENM & Polyamory
Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez (she/her/ella)

This workshop is for folks seeking to explore polyamory or another form of ethical non-monogamy (ENM) in a thoughtful and intentional way. Like with anything that is undertaught or misunderstood, there is a lot that can fall through the cracks when starting out in the ENM world. In this workshop we'll talk about types of ENM, kitchen table and parallel polyamory, boundary and expectation setting, communication techniques and plans, jealousy and conflict resolution techniques, and managing expectations.

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez (pronunced Yah-L), known as YaeltheSexGeek, is a queer, polyamorous Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) Jewish pleasure activist (a term popularized by adrienne maree brown) who believes that sexual wellness and sexual liberation involve our whole selves. In her coaching and education work she centers identity, values, and social positioning work, playful exploration, and intimacy with self and others. She is the founder of Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC (KV), a company dedicated to supporting exploration and creating spaces for individuals to find community and belonging in their identities, and Sex Positive You, which adds to KV's work by centering sex, sexuality, and intimacy. She is the author of "An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, & Tips" and is a sex writer for the Live Alive Wellness Blog. Yael is also currently a Curriculum Strategist, Facilitator, and Coach with the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding and a Health Behavior doctoral student with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at IU Bloomington. Her research centers the nuances of identity and power in topics of sex, consent, desire, pleasure, embodiment, agency, and partnering styles with a particular interest in Latines as a population that is underserved within sex positive work. @yaelthesexgeek

Boyd is a white man, pictured at an angle to the left, he is smiling up at the camera with black hair cut short and brown eyes. He is wearing a white button-up shirt with a blue tie with multi-colored splotches on it.
What is in Your Backpack? A Closer Look What We Carry in Our Life
Dr Boyd T Miller (he/him)

We heard the saying, “People carry baggage in a relationship and life.” The goal of this workshop is to understand not what baggage we are carrying but what we are taking in our backpacks at work, play, and relationships. Join Dr. Boyd Miller as he explores what we have in our backpacks and how it reflects on our trips in life. There is A PowerPoint presentation base classroom where we interact and ask questions. We explore how what we carry in our backpacks affects our voyage in life and those who are also along for the expedition. Be prepared to walk away with resources for further learning and tools for deeper self-reflection in your life and with your partner or partners.

Dr. Boyd T. Miller is currently employed at Talbert House in Cincinnati, Ohio. Talbert House is a social services agency that offers a network of services focused on prevention, assessment, treatment, and reintegration. Mr. Miller works at the Engagement Center within the Research Department. He recently graduated with honors from the University of Arizona Global Campus with a PhD. in I/O Psychology. His dissertation focused on “Native Americans’ Perceptions of Coronavirus and Their Attitudes Toward Federal Assistance: A Case Study”.

Friday Evening

Snuggle Party: Exploring Consent and Creating Connection
Troi DeLuz (they/them), Pamela Bradford (she/her), and Llewellyn Falco(he/him)

Note: No Late Entry Allowed. Please arrive promptly, doors will be closed at 8:05pm!

Join the Cuddle Party for some deep and authentic connection with each other in a playful and platonic space. Snuggle Lab and Cuddle Party have collaborated to create a fun and safe space to explore empowered consent, meet new friends, and connect through non-sexual touch. This will start as a facilitated group workshop on consent, break into choose-your-own-adventure groups, and end with an open snuggle space. All are welcome - newbies wanting to learn and watch (no touching required) to advanced snuggle pros excited to get the oxytocin flowing. Start your conference off right with shared experiences that will last throughout the weekend and beyond.

To the left: Troi is a white AFAB being pictured smiling up to the camera with long silver grey hair and dark brown eyes. They are pictured against fall foliage and have a white and orange long dangly earring showing on the right side in a deep red top.

In the middle: Pamela is a white cis-woman pictured reclining on another person who's arms and hands show cradling her head with gold rings, a black wristband and a gold bracelet on the other. Pamela's face is peaceful with her eyes closed, light colored hair and rose colored lipstick. She is wearing a black v-neck top with a white and black patterned wrap.

To the right: Llewellyn is pictured against a black background wearing a red button up shirt looking directly into the camera with dark eyes and silver grey short hair.

Troi DeLuz has been pioneering consent and boundary education, snuggle events, and festival/event support services in the Pacific NW since 2004. They are the creator of Snuggle Lab and the Positive Touch meetup group in Eugene, Oregon, and they are certified to teach the Wheel of Consent. When not snuggling, Troi enjoys being a Holistic Nurse Coach, Reiki Teacher, and Kambo Practitioner. They are queer, ND, poly, and prefer to spend their time dancing to loud techno and soaking in hot springs with friends. Connect @thetroistory or

Pamela has been facilitating cuddle parties since 2014. After a divorce Pamela found her life consumed by work and writing, leaving months passing without the opportunity for healthy touch. "Cuddle parties are all about relaxing, laughing, having fun and getting to know new people. Often it's not even about the touch, it's about being in a safe place with other people and being acknowledged". She has lost count of the number of cuddle parties she has facilitated over the last decade.

Llewellyn attended his first cuddle party in 2014. It was eye-opening to him; never before had he seen consent taught so clearly, with space to explore and experiment. An enthusiastic cuddler before, he started to apply his training in teaching and facilitation to his passion for authentic connection and community building. Years later he is still exploring new ways to teach, still loves to cuddle and even owns a full adult Winnie the Pooh costume.

Saturday Workshops

The Southwest Love Fest logo of a saguaro cactus outline with a heart sun shining to the left and squiggly line denoting the ground in a circle with the words "Southwest Love Fest" below the logo all in the color red.
Community Conversation: Imagining Alternatives to Disposability

A community conversation around accountability, cancel culture/disposability and developing an individual and community based toolkits to address hurt, harm and growth.

White femme-presenting person with long dark hair with bangs, brown eyes, and has a gold nose stud and septum ring. She is wearing a black top, pink lipstick and a gold and gemstone necklace.
Sex & Neurodivergence: Navigating Sex with ADHD and Sensory Sensitivity
Erin Voss (she/her)

Based on a review of available research on sexuality and neurodivergence, personal experience, and anecdotal accounts from neurodivergent friends and acquaintances, this presentation describes ways that some symptoms of ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder can manifest in sexual encounters, and offers strategies to mitigate the impact of those symptoms to help affected folks have more engaged, satisfying sex, whether solo or with a partner. I also aim to demystify these conditions for neurotypical folks who currently have a neurodivergent partner or who may in the future, to help them better understand their partner(s), better support their partner(s), and enjoy more fulfilling sex with their partner(s).

Erin Voss is a sex educator, certified sex coach, and the owner of Jellywink Boutique, an LGBTQ-centric sex shop in Tucson, Arizona. Erin has been helping people access sexual wellness through body-safe pleasure products and education since 2018. She has presented on a variety of sexuality-related topics through Jellywink, and as a guest speaker for different organizations and universities. Through her coaching practice, she helps single and partnered folks of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles resolve sexual concerns and live more pleasure-filled lives. IG @jellywink_boutique

The Southwest Love Fest logo of a saguaro cactus outline with a heart sun shining to the left and squiggly line denoting the ground in a circle with the words "Southwest Love Fest" below the logo all in the color red.
Polyamory & Parenthood Panel
Jessica Levity (she/her), Chaneé Jackson Kendall (she/her) + Mikaela de la Myco (she/they)

Do you have questions about what its like to be a polyamorous parent? Are you wanting to talk to your kids about polyamory, but you feel unsure about how to do so? Join some of your favorite polyam educators {insert everyone's names here} for a conversation about how we parent as polyamorous people. Come prepared with questions, open minds and hearts as we discuss and demystify how to normalize polyamory with our children.

kyrr is pictured seated at a table with a workbook open in front of them and a stack of books  to the right of them that include "Claim No Easy Victories" and "Treating Complex Trauma" and a book with Russian lettering on the spine. They have pale skin, shoulder-length green and blue hair, and a black mustache. They are wearing black horn-rimmed glasses a dark shirt and a flower and paisley-print scarf over their shoulders.
Libby is pictured seated in a green armchair at a desk with a podcast microphone. Libby has light skin, pale pink hair, and is wearing a black sweater, jeans, and a long chain necklace. She is looking off to the right.
Go Slow to Go Far
Libby Sinback (she/her) + kyrr kark (they/them)

There’s a saying that goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” You may want to go far, and you may want to go together, but the world often wants you to go fast, which can be ungrounding and impede your ability to collaborate in your relationships. In a culture that has us practicing power-over all the time, you will need more than just your understanding and your will to practice power-with. Often the only way to figure it out is to slow down. Slowing down can unlock the capacity to make decisions not just by yourself, but truly with other people. Slowing down supports healthy boundaries, communicating for understanding, inclusion of every member of a given group, sustainability, and community care. It's simple, but not easy! We invite you to learn how to practice slowing down together so that we can all learn move away from urgency, shifting our relationships out of a state of emergency, and so that we can build them into sources of support, care, connection, and love that help us face life's real emergencies together.

Libby Sinback is a relationship coach, educator, and host of the podcast, Making Polyamory Work. She is a certified Relational Life Coach, Gottman Method-trained. She is committed to helping folks who live and love outside the box create nourishing, authentic, boundless love in their life. Libby believes love is why we are here and how we heal. @thatpolyammom on insta

kyrr anna andr kark wants to build in community with care and safety. they have fifteen years of facilitation experience, including training on harm reduction, sexual health, and crisis counseling. their organizing home is with No Justice No Pride, and they build family in the atlanta area.

Picture is of Karlyn Bradley a Dark Skinned Black Femme with Black Curly Hair. Karlyn is Wearing Black Sunglasses, a Black Lace top with green patterned pants and gold high heel shoes.
No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks: How Preferences May Actually Be Prejudice
Karlyn Bradley (they/them)

Through the use of interactive conversation No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks: How Your Preferences May Actually Be Prejudice will explore the magnitude in which the use of microaggressions, ideas about race, gender, sexuality and body politics impacts our behaviors and attitudes when creating dating and sexual “preferences”. It will also explore how these dynamics impede on our ability to view individuals holistically by exploring how these attitudes impact who we deem as desirable and the types of interpersonal behaviors we deem “appropriate” when building platonic, romantic and sexual relationships. Lastly we will also explore ways we can acknowledge and combat microaggressions and build stronger coalitions across communities.

Karlyn Bradley is a Black, Fat, Queer, Femme, with degrees in Political Science and Gender and Women's Studies from the University of Arizona and uses They/Them pronouns. Karlyn is a scholar, theorist, community organizer, artist and educator. They have been able to use and expand their knowledge of Intersectional Feminist Theory to create programming that educates and empowers folks around topics of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Power Dynamics. Their studies have also shaped and influenced their ability to understand, critique and analyze policy through a critical race feminist lens. In 2021 they used their skill set to found The High Priestess Consulting Company LLC (HPCC), which aims to help individuals, communities and organizations develop their understandings of systemic, political and social challenges through the use of workshops and trainings. The HPCC specializes in helping people connect with their own power, just like the high priestess in the Tarot, we remind people of the things that we have always known intuitively and facilitate coming back to ourselves and reconnecting with that power. When they are not doing Community work Karlyn likes to hang out with their friends, eating and cooking a good meal, watching movies. They also like to work on their Podcasts Beneath The Surface. Writing poetry, drawing, living their dream as an Amateur Top Model and watching Scandal. Karlyn is Southern California born currently residing in Tucson, Arizona which is the ancestral lands of the Tohono O’Odham and Pascua Yaqui People. Instagram: k.d.bradley Facebook: Karlyn Bradley Twitter: @dawntray1224

Headshot of Danielle Rooney.
Play through the Pain
Danielle Rooney (she/her)

Date night get cancelled? Another night of *actually* watching Netflix and chillin' on the couch? With millions of people dealing with chronic pain, it is only a matter of time before it finds it's way into your life. Or has it already?!?! Come join us in an open & honest discussion about how to navigate the effects of chronic pain & illness your relationships and even your sexual life. A panel of individuals familiar with all aspects of those with chronic pain & illness will be here for a facilitated Q&A on how to navigate discussions, dynamics, and even playtime!!!!

Danielle has known life with varying degrees of chronic pain for well over a decade. Navigating the complexity of her own health and healthy relationships has not always been easy. Recently, Danielle has decided to use her voice as a source of hopeful inspiration as she steps up to the helm as Director of Entertainment & Events w/ CRPS Warrior Foundation and assists in pursuing social change in stigmatism in healthcare. Whether you are or someone you know is new (or well versed) to this life of chronic pain - know you aren't alone. Just as importantly, that those who are afraid or unsure of how to love, communicate, or just experience any level of intimacy with someone who lives in chronic pain - you have a resource who understands what they are going through. Oh, and Danielle loves spending time with her husband, Robert and 2 pups, Biggie Smalls and Charlie B Barkin. See her on Instagram @burning1brighter

mikaela is pictured sitting down behind a small table with hand crafted items, tinctures, and other medicines.  she has shoulder-length, black, curly hair and is humbly close-lipped smiling looked at a person to her left, listening and holding space.  she has a septum piercing, vertical labret, two nose piercings and a medusa.  Wearing long beaded mushroom multi-colored earrings.
Ancient Polyam and Entheogens as the Center of Community
Mikaela de la Myco (she/they)

We will invite folks through a multi-sensory, audio-visionary experience through the cultural histories of ancient polyamory practices to contextualize non-monogomy in the blooming psychedelic landscape. The model of non-monogomy we are here to share centers plant medicines of all kinds as the core of community, with matriarchal and cyclical beings in leadership. We will discuss the implications of these ancestral non-monogomy practices in the modern day as they relate to group ceremonies, seasonal gathering rituals, community contraceptive care practices and pleasure-centered life.

Mikaela de la Myco was born into a first-generation italian, afro-caribbean and detribalized mexican family who lived in unceded Tongva territory, Los Angeles. Her education comes from years walking the paths of sacred intimacy work, temple arts, circle keeping, mexica ceremony, and womb care facilitation, all under the care of teachers and guides. --- Mikaela now practices in occupied Cahuilla and Kumeyaay territory -- San Diego, CA. As a mushroom matriarch, she creates much needed education and spaces for unmet populations in the psychedelic renaissance, with an emphasis on mothers, bleeding people and family communities. Her primary focus is holding community based circles where people can journey through the dark amenta to uncover their ancestor codes, explore and rewrite trauma wounds and make meaning with mushroom and other earth medicines. @mamadelamyco on instagram

Ms Kiki Love is a black woman with red hair and glasses. Ms NeshaB is also a black woman with red locs. In the picture, they have a library backdrop. Ms. Kiki has red shoulder length curly hair with a white shirt tied in a knot and a black leather skirt. She has red, pink and black long nails and is sitting in a chair, holding a book opened named, I AM SEX, by Dr. Tamara Rose. Ms. NeshaB is standing to the left of Ms Kiki, looking over her shoulder, holding her glasses in her hand opened. She has her red locs in a bun. She is wearing a white oversized shirt that is tied in a knot in the front and long in the back and black leggings. The shirt is opened exposing a lace purple bra.
Incorporating Sex Toys In Solo, Couples or Group Play
Ms Kiki Love (she/her) & Ms NeshaB (she/her)

Sex toys are an add on, not a replacement. We plan to show how toys can take your sex life to the next level. We will focus the benefits to your sex life, communication, self -confidence and more. Included in the discussion are recommended toys for LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities.

Ms. Kiki Love and Ms NeshaB are the owners of Orgasmic Melanin Goddesses (OMG), a sex positive advocate for the BIPOC community. They create safe spaces for open conversations about sex, sexual health, and wellness in a sexy and fun way. As Bedroom Kandi consultants also, they specialize in educating the proper use and benefits of incorporating sex toys in the bedroom or wherever you seek pleasure. OMG has hosted such events as Naughty Bingo, Black Valentine’s Love Weekend & the Melanated Sex Expo. Ms. Kiki Love is originally from the Bay Area, Northern California and Ms NeshaB is originally from Detroit. They both reside in the Phoenix area. On IG & FB @OMGoddesses20

Michael: A smiling Black man with a bald head and black beard is sitting in front of a gray background. He is wearing a teal shirt with small white flowers and is leaned to the left.
Jace: A smiling white man with red hair and beard sitting upright in a blue suit with white shirt with red and blue dots. The man is wearing a red, blue, and white plaid bowtie and is sitting n front of a wall with faint red flowers and gold photo frames. His blue jeans and watch are also visible as he leans forward slightly in the shot.
How to be a Trans Ally... In Bed!
T. Michael Trimm (he/him/Sir) + Jace Ryden (he/him)

How to be a Trans Ally... in Bed seeks to equip attendees with the tools to be the best possible advocates for transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming people in romantic and sexual situations in addition to everyday, platonic life. The workshop discusses definitions of gender identities, pronouns and other respectful language, tips on dating and hooking up, and safer sex tips for all bodies.

The ‘How to be a Trans Ally... in Bed!’ workshop is presented by Michael Trimm and Jace Ryden. Both are prominent faces within the Arizona and New Mexico LGBTQ+ communities. Michael has made a name for himself as performer Teddy Michael, has represented the Imperial Court of Arizona and the Imperial Sovereign Court of New Mexico, was featured on MTV’s ‘True Life’ in 2009 and 2015, and is an award-winning promoter and pageant owner. He is currently the Executive Director of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico. Jace has been performing as Freddy Prinze Charming since 2005 and is a former Mister USofA MI Classic. A multi-award winner, Jace spends a good part of his time educating folks on sex, and the kink and poly lifestyles, whether it be through the weekly webcast "Let's Have a Fefe" or during his sex-themed trivia nights. He has volunteered and worked with several organizations around Arizona, including Joshua Tree Feeding Program, Rebel & Divine, GLSEN and more. Both Michael and Jace have used their platforms throughout the years to educate, fundraise, and be outspoken activists. Their passion for education is evident in the way they seek to teach others about the transgender and gender expansive community through compassion and understanding, and a willingness to open a dialogue.

Steph stands with a big smile on their face. Steph is a white, masculine of center person, wearing their blonde hair in a high bun, gold-rimmed round glasses, a floral blue button up shirt, and navy blue slacks, with multiple tattoos along their right arm and a small gold chain.
Decolonizing Gender, Sex & Relationships
Steph Zapata (they/she)

In this workshop, Steph offers their definition of decolonizing; combating notions of "normalizing," and disrupting the present understanding that is attached to deconstructing white supremacist ideologies at the intersection of sexuality. Decolonizing begins with recognizing and uplifting ways of living that pre-date colonialism and white supremacy. Together we will explore concepts of gender, sex, and relationships untethered to colonial manifestations. This session offers us the opportunity to unlearn colonization's impact on our identities, expression, play, and ways of loving- this is liberatory reimagining.

Steph Zapata is a well-seasoned NuyoRican-Diaspora born sexuality educator, & space creator. They have become a long-term catalyst for change within reproductive health and sex education through their radically intentional BIPOC speaker centered conference. Their work focuses on collective liberation tactics through innovative and honest sex ed that creates space for the whole self, and the whole truth. Steph is a self-titled Unprofessional Professional who offers no apology for the disruption of white supremacy through the joy of decolonial sexuality education. @RisewSteph on Instagram.

MsK is a Black woman with a medium black, natural afro and wearing cat eyeglasses with gems on each side of her classes. She is pictured standing in front of a white dry-erase board learning on a podium wearing a purple dress with a light purple leather panel with spider earrings and a long, black pedant necklace.
Top Frenzy (aka When to Slow Down and Not Get Burned Out)
MsK (she/her)

We are all familiar with Sub Frenzy in the kink world and recognize the tell-tell signs of it when it happens. It’s usually hard to watch when it happens, especially when a new person is trying to discover their new identity, where they fit in their new community, and how to navigate this new discovery. This can also apply to Tops who are seasoned. We need to acknowledge that Tops can go into Top Frenzy as well. MsK goes over how a Top gets into this frenzy mode, the signs of it, and how to keep you from crashing due to burnout from Top Frenzy.

MsK (she, her) is a black, bi, goth, cis-gendered fat female and parent from Nashville, Tennessee. She is an active member of the kink subcultures and body acceptance communities of the Southeast region of the United States. She is a volunteer and serves on the Board of Directors for The Mark by Community Perspective Incorporated as Liaison of the Board of Directors, she connects regional communities and their leadership which includes serving as co-chair of the Education Committee, and organizes and hosts BIPOC & FemDom event at the community center. She has also been on panels at Vanderbilt University talking about consensual non-monogamy and about kink with resources to give to Mental Health professionals. MsK has presented to mental health and helping professionals of Sexual Health Alliance’s Kink-Informed Certification Program and presented on various topics for the Black Atlanta FemDom group in Atlanta, Ga as a member of this group as well. MsK trains play space monitors and serve as the play space's dungeon coordinator for the annual Sex Down South Conference. MsK is also co-founder of Nashville Fat Femme Collective, providing a safe place for those who identify as fat and female. She founded and launched the first-ever Fat Femme Collective symposium in February 2020. Twitter for personal is MsK1380 and business Dperverted.

Jessica is wearing a maroon flat brimmed hat and a black, cropped pleather jacket. She stands with her right arm grabbing the tip of her hat while peering directly over her right shoulder into the camera. It's a closeup headshot.
How to Throw A Sex Party Even a Neurodivergent/
Demisexual/First-Timer Would Love
Jessica Levity Daylover (she/her)

"How to Throw A Sex Party Even a Neurodivergent, Demisexual, First-Timer Would Love" is a hilarious and informative 45 minute powerpoint presentation detailing the process of adventuring into the world of throwing highly curated and intentional sex parties, and a 45 minute "ask us anything" (and we sincerely mean ANYTHING). The workshop is 90 minutes total.

Jessica is an elder millennial who is passionate about so many things. Too many things, probably (that's the ADHD). She has a BA in Philosophy and Sociology, and a certificate in LGBT/Gender Studies from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In 2022, Cosmo named her one of ten “Polyamory Experts to Follow on TikTok.” She thinks that's really fucking rad. The thing she loves most is collaboration, and she's been blessed with an incredible network of talent to play with in this lifetime. When she's not spreading the gospel of polyamory via @RemodeledLove, she's touring music festivals with “The Game Show Show,” hosting team-building workshops, raising her kiddos, and daydreaming. She's a mother, a public speaker, a comedian, a preacher, a minister, a healer, an advocate, a disruptor, an educator, and a community builder. She's a Sagittarius and an Enneagram 8. Her chart is all fire and water, passion and emotion. @RemodeledLove on IG, tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook

Headshot of EJ Millstone, pictured smiling open mouthed up at the camera with red glasses, with colorful arm tatoos.
Full Bodied: Sex and Dating in a Fat Body
EJ Millstone (she/her)

In this workshop we will explore the intricacies of dating, sex, and loving fat bodies (our own or someone else's). Topics include radical acceptance, fat positive body liberation, and confident ownership and operation of a fat body. Please note: this workshop is all-body friendly. When speaking on acceptance and liberation, gender affirming changes are absolutely included as well.

EJ Millstone is a fat, queer, poly therapist in Tucson, Arizona. She has over 15 years of experience in the mental health field and has spent most of that time building a practice that caters to the diverse fabric of human sexuality and relationships. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and spends a lot of time talking about shame, vulnerability, and courage which tends to annoy her friends. @movingtowardgood on Instagram,

Saturday Evening

Dance Party!
DJ Xochique (she/her)

Come shake it all off and dance your heart out with DJ Xochique! Xochique is a Tucson local that has been playing clubs, raves, and parties for over a decade. She likes to create a fun and open environment for individuals to feel free to express themselves as they should. Her eclectic taste and groovy energy is guaranteed to make you move.


Non attendees can join for $5 tickets, $7 at the door.

Xochique began DJing at 16 and began playing at clubs and parties in Tucson at 17. Soon after that she baptized the name Xochique. Xochique is short for Xochiquetzal. The Aztec goddess of beauty, pleasure, flowers, female sexual power, and love. She wanted her name to not only incorporate her personality but her roots especially. She has performed alongside big acts- Bijou, Blossom, Autograf, and Madeaux to name a few. Hear and see more about on IG @Xochique .

Get your photos at Velvet & Shadow's Photobooth, starts during dinner. Raffle winners will also be announced during dinner!

Lighting is sponsored by In Phase Entertainment, a local wedding and event DJ mobile DJ service.

Sunday Workshops

Three brown toned faces of beauty, and wisdom.
It's Okay to Grieve
Intimacy ConAmore (they/he/she), Goddess Inkwell (she/her) + The Wordmatician (she/her)

We will explore the different types of grief, learn about the grief cycle and talk about ways to process grief in the most optimally and healthy ways while simultaneously being in other loving relationships. This includes sharing ideas about maintaining a life balance while also letting yourself process your grief so you can eventually begin to heal. This class will leave you with some tools to help you manage, accept, support and empower yourself or loved ones through some of life's curve balls of emotions. We will end with a grounding session to clear the heaviness before your next workshop.

Intimacy ConAmore is a multiracial Two-Spirit Afab Indigenous Native American Black person who is polyamorous, kinky, Demisexal/Asexual Bisexual/Pansexual and Solopoly. I am into unfiltered authenticity of self and uninhibited connectivity with others. I have hosted events to advocate, educate and support polyamorous communities. I work in the human sexuality fields of education & services as a $exy surrogate, compassionate Companion, and a sensuality self-love mentor. I'm a nanny aka parenting doula of 30+ years. I offer interpersonal relationship development sessions for individuals and your consenting polycule members. Find me @polyfreelove

Ways to show support, love, and buy me a tea:$polyfreelove


Goddess Inkwell is an illustrator and Animator with a degree for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has worked for many years as an independent artist creating paintings and installation work in the form of body art. Her writing spark was reignited during the pandemic when others were non-existent. She has two more books in this series in production. The excitement has yet to die down as she embraces her role as writer. Find her art @goddessinkwell


Tiffany “The Wordmatician” Scales is known as Houston’s “Number one couples coach” and the founder of Toiletries for Families and The Arts Advocate. She has become a symbol of selfless work, a dispenser of divine love, and has continually made herself available to anyone in need. If you ask her what she practices daily, she will always reply, “Love is the religion I practice.” Find her at @Wordmatician

Picture of Kym’s‘s face with a wooden background
Maria Pape aka Maria Belen
Plant Medicine and Nutrition for Sexual Health & Healing
Kym (she/her) + Maria Pape (she/her)

In this workshop we will focus on herbs that promote sexual health, from curing STI’s and reducing herpes outbreaks and yeast infections to prostate and other sexual organ health. The workshop will be conducted in English and Spanish.

Kym Cutter is an herbalist and nutritionist with over thirty years experience working with plant medicine. She runs an herbal apothecary (Rootwing Collective) in Tucson AZ, and specializes in reproductive and sexual health, and anxiety and mental health! @rootwingcollective

Maria Belen was born in Quito, Ecuador. She has a B.A in Journalism and a M.A. She is fluent in 3 languages: Spanish, French and English. Belen is an artist, teacher, interpreter, translator, activist and a single mom. She is the owner of Aprender y Jugar Language Program LLC which teaches art and language classes for children and adults. Maria Belen believes that to learn a second language enhances your life in many ways, she said; “ “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO SURVIVE THE EXILE OF LIVING IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, WITHOUT LOOKING FOR WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED WITH MY ROOTS AND MY NATIVE TONGUE.” M Belen has been serving the local BIPOC (adults and children) communities, through art, bilingual story time and language classes, with the objective to empower the minorities who suffer from social and racial injustices and prejuges.

Jonathan is standing with his arms crossed and smiling. He has light brown skin and black hair. His hair is down to his chin in length, falling to one side and half of his head is shaved short. He is wearing a light blue, long sleeved shirt with dots on it. He is out in nature in the desert with cactus in the background.
Vulnerability, Connection and Openness with Somatic Awareness for Male Identified People
Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez (he/him)

In this workshop we will explore connection and openness with other Men and how this impacts our Somatic experience. The Somatic approach involves bringing one's awareness into the body which often leads to greater intuition, presence, and embodied wisdom. We will begin with a guided meditation to center us and bring us into our bodies. Then, we will work together to create a container using consent, confidentiality, and comfort zones. We will be answering questions to explore what it feels like to share and listen deeply to each other. Being open with others is a powerful tool that can lead to more connection in all areas of life. During this process, I will also be guiding us into the body Somatically to support the discovery process. Somatics can help people get in touch with themselves and what is alive in them. I will also provide a few simple Somatic exercises that anyone can continue to practice.

My name is Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez. Some of my identities include Filipino, Cuban, Queer, Male, Meditator, movement and flow enthusiast. I am a Somatic Life Coach and I trained with the Mindfulness Coaching School. My mission is to support people in connecting somatically to their body’s wisdom, to be present with whatever arises, creating flow and clarity in their lives. My own transformation through Men’s work has led me to have a passion for helping men connect vulnerability to each other and eventually open up in all aspects of their lives. I hope to bring presence, compassion and openness in the spaces that I am a part of. Instagram: @JGutie20

Sarah is a white, androgynous and queer woman with short hair and smiling at the camera. They are wearing a red tank top, glasses, and a brown cap. The background is the Sonoran Desert and the sun is shining from the top right corner of the picture creating rays of sunshine towards their face and the camera.
Massage for Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes!
Sarah Baracks (she/they)

This is a hands on workshop (literally) where participants will be given the opportunity to learn about and share the art of touch through massage. Group massage is an awesome activity for threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes....especially when you don't know where to insert yourself in! Plus, discuss how massage can applied to foreplay for sex, asexual connection, cuddle puddle fun, and then some. We will practice consent communication and I will demonstrate some good ideas and tactics. Participants interested will be given time to share clothes-on massages with each other as part of the workshop.

Sarah Baracks is a queer and non-monogamous Sex Educator, Herbalist, and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her healing practice, "Slow Flow Body Healing" focuses on helping clients heal from chronic pain and trauma held in their body. Their sex education focus is on helping everyone to feel more comfortable being themselves and queerifying all spaces and situations! Overall, Sarah is genuinely interested in creating community, communing with the plant world, and sharing their healing abilities with others to create abundance for all.

Steven Fero is a white man pictured with his eyes closed and his head turned sideways as if deeply moved. In his lap is a guitar.
Jonathan is standing with his arms crossed and smiling. He has light brown skin and black hair. His hair is down to his chin in length, falling to one side and half of his head is shaved short. He is wearing a light blue, long sleeved shirt with dots on it. He is out in nature in the desert with cactus in the background.
Mindful Dance and Somatic Awareness w/ Live Music From Steven Fero
Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez (he/him), Steven Fero (he/him)

In this workshop we will experience how dance, movement, and the vibrations of live music impact our Somatic experience. The Somatic approach involves moving one's awareness and curiosity into the body which often leads to greater intuition, presence, and embodied wisdom. We will first drop into our bodies and our felt senses with a guided meditation. Next, we will set some intentions and create a container for our workshop of mindful dance and movement. Then, we will embark on a journey of movement and dance with live music from the amazing musician, Steven Fero. In between songs we will pause and I will guide us into our bodies. From this place, it will give us an opportunity to feel how the music and movement affects us. What do we feel in our bodies after moving? What emotions is this bringing up? What does my body need right now? Then, we will transition on to another song and continue the process of moving and feeling! Finally, we will close with a sharing and integration circle.

My name is Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez. Some of my identities include Filipino, Cuban, Queer, Male, Meditator, movement and flow enthusiast. I am a Somatic Life Coach and I trained with the Mindfulness Coaching School. My mission is to support people in connecting somatically to their body’s wisdom, to be present with whatever arises, creating flow and clarity in their lives. My own transformation through Men’s work has led me to have a passion for helping men connect vulnerability to each other and eventually open up in all aspects of their lives. I hope to bring presence, compassion and openness in the spaces that I am a part of. Instagram: @JGutie20

Steven Fero is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and psychedelic integration coach originally from Tucson. While continuously fascinated and playing with a variety of genres, more often than not, you can find him with his acoustic guitar or handpan. Through the different, but sometimes overlapping avenues of coaching and music, he's passionate about helping us walk ourselves, and each other, home. 

Fen is a white person with floofy brown hair, sideburns, and black lipstick is looking slightly to the side with eyes on the camera. They are wearing a rainbow skeleton bodysuit with a large paint-splattered heart over the ribcage.
DO Put Your Relationship In A Box
Fen Futureheart (he/they)

This group art project will encourage participants to reflect on what we want in relationships and what we want to avoid, and use creative means to capture those ideas and create a tangible manifestation by writing or drawing them out and putting them into a wooden box that we’ll also decorate. We’ll start with a full group discussion of ideas before breaking into small groups to create our own relationship boxes. We'll use are cigar boxes and some may have a lingering smell that could bother people with sent allergies or sensitivities.

Fen is an advocate for mutual aid, trans rights, and open communication. They believe in making the world better with small everyday acts of kindness and solidarity along with building community and bigger movements for change. You can find them at dance parties, in any body of water, or at home playing various role-playing games. Their background in environmental and interpretive education, nonprofit management, and political outreach have all fueled a love for public speaking. For the past six years they've been practicing polyamory, learning a lot along the way, and endeavor to always be learning and improving communication skills.

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