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Mel Moseley (she/her)

Mel Moseley (she/her)


Mel has been practicing polyamory for more than 12 years. She created her own User Manual in 2018 after discovering that she had some quirks in her reactions and personality that might be more easily explained to current and potential partners in writing. In the process, she also learned a lot about herself! Her User Manual is a living document and is frequently updated. It’s been a catalyst towards getting her back to “Original Mel.” Find out more about her work at

Write a User Manual All About YOU!

April 14, 2024

Ever wish that people could get to know you on a deeper level more quickly? What if they had precise information about you and how you work in a way that could be referenced later as needed? Create your own User Manual to maximize the way others interact with you. You are a unique human being with specific emotional reactions, relational desires, intellectual needs, and physical/sexual proclivities. No one can know what those are unless you tell them. So, why not create your own User Manual? Your manual provides insight into the workings of your mind, heart, and body. The process of creating it allows you to think through exactly what it is that you want, need, and desire.

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