Connecting Through Conflict

Every relationship experiences disharmony. What makes the difference between conflict that leaves you energized and connected and conflict that leaves you depleted and distant is how you approach it and how good you are at repair. In this workshop we’ll walk through things that can make conflict scary and sucky, and then we'll go over some amazing tools to transform conflict into something that can bring you closer to your loved ones. We will then spend the rest of the workshop doing hands-on practice using these tools so that everyone can leave the workshop with skills they can use right away.

Libby Sinback is a coach, sought-after educator, and host of the podcast, Making Polyamory Work. Libby helps individuals, couples, and polycules who want to break out of harmful relationship patterns and rewrite their broken scripts from childhood and culture to embrace nourishing, authentic, boundless love in their life. Libby is trained in Relational Life Therapy and the Gottman Method, and her coaching is laser-focused on getting quickly to the heart of the heart of the heart of what is in the way for her clients, and so they can move past what is limiting them and into a more relational way of being. Libby believes love is why we are here and how we heal, and that relationships are at the core of our wellbeing as humans.

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