Ethics and Negotiation Skills for Building and Maintaining Successful Non- Monogamous Relationships

Whether you’re opening your relationship for the first time or you have been dating groups of people for decades, it is crucial to understand the ethics and negotiation skills needed to form and maintain relationships of all types. Learn relationship-preserving negotiation techniques to get your wants and needs met while bringing you closer, rather than polarizing, your partner(s). Explore unique ethical considerations involved in building polycules and other multi-person relationship structures so you can avoid potential pitfalls, reduce harm to others, and build more sustainable relationships.

Chrissy is a queer and polyamorous asexuality educator and activist from NYC. She is president emerita of Open Love NY, a member of the Poly Leadership Network, the Communications Lead for the APA Division 44 Consensual Non- Monogamy Task Force, and on the communications team at the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She recently graduated from Columbia University with her M.S. in Nonprofit Management, after a decade- long stint in the music industry. When she isn’t teaching nationally on ethics, negotiation, asexuality, inclusion, and mental health, she resides on the upper west side with one of her anchor partners and children. AND Marco is the co-founder of Brooklyn Poly Roundtable, a monthly polyamory discussion group. He is -- along with Chrissy Holman -- the co-author and co-presenter of the “Ethical Triad Formation” workshop, presented in New York and Philadelphia. He holds degrees in biology, philosophy, ethics and law. In addition to practicing law in California and New York, Marco presents on ethics and negotiation skills, and supports his local polyamorous communities.

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