Feel It In Your Bones: Challenging White Supremacy and Improving Outcomes for Trans Youth Through Narrative and Gender Embodiment Practices

What do sci-fi, memes, and synaesthesia have to teach us about gender? And how does white supremacy culture impact the construction of gender and transness? Furthermore, how do we address and challenge these impacts to build resilience? Join us and find out! This interactive workshop brings together presenters from the fields of mental health and education to engage participants in an exploration of the somatic aspects of gender as well as how these are communicated to others. Through a historical and non-exploitative lens, we will also witness voices and narratives of gender variance from various cultures. These will both address the crucial role of storytelling—and ancestral wisdom—as well as the representation of gender expansive beings in improving outcomes for youth. By allowing participants to gain concrete strategies as well as experience the activities they can bring home, this workshop offers an extra layer of skill-building and reinforcement.

Mx. Chahney Young Hinds (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based Social Architect and Facilitator, focusing specifically on topics of identity and community development, healthy and constructive communication, trauma-informed practice, and program/curriculum design and implementation. An artist and maker, Chahney blends a wide range of skills and practices to support the abilities of communities to create transformative, generative spaces reflective of their specific needs and strengths. They are available as an independent facilitator and consultant on projects and programs that support people and communities in their healing, development, and self-determination. In their free time, they are probably daydreaming, being crafty, reading epic fantasy novels, or wandering around the city. They blog at imagine—create.tumblr.com. AND . Aida Manduley, LCSW is an award-winning Latinx activist, facilitator, and presenter known for big earrings and tackling taboos. Their politics are radical, their life is ridiculous, and their penchant for irreverence as intimacy is notorious. Trained as a sexuality educator, social worker, and nonprofit executive, they’re working to make the world a more equitable place and get us all more comfortable with hard conversations. With a focus on liberation and communities marginalized due to race/gender/sexuality, their perspective aims to maximize kindness while retaining both a sense of humor and a sense of justice. With over a decade of experience and degrees from Brown University and Boston University, Mx. Manduley’s areas of specialization include trauma, anti-carceral justice systems, and the integration of technology for change efforts. They are well-known for their leadership with The Women of Color Sexual Health Network as well as various other national and regional coalitions. They're currently based in Boston where they have a thriving therapeutic practice at The Meeting Point. You can find them on Twitter (@neuronbomb), on Instagram (@aidamanduley), and on Facebook (http://bit.ly/FBaida) as well as their personal website, www.aidamanduley.com.

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