Fools Rush In: Inspiration for Building Non-Traditional Households

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating that big poly commune you’ve always dreamed of? From legal considerations to unexpected pitfalls - as well as the surprise bonuses - this workshop will help you ask the right questions, make the important decisions, and have the difficult conversations you need to get your household off on the right foot, improving your chances of long-term sustainability.

Krista (She/Her/They/Them) has Identified as queer, polyamorous, and a relationship anarchist for about a decade but has practiced some form of non-monogamy her entire life. She has done extensive community work since 2013 as an Administrator and Events Coordinator for her local LGBTQ2IA+ and Alternative Lifestyle communities and, with a passion for disability inclusivity, has gained valuable experience in unconventional lifestyles and sexualities. She is a certified facilitator for the Our Whole Lives Comprehensive Sexuality curriculum for grades 7-12 and is certified in Instructional Design as well. This knowledge has helped define her role as mentor, sex educator, and consent advocate throughout the country. She teaches through AmourologyEd: a podcast, video series, and online forum; travels and does in person workshops; and offers remote and in person coaching. Her goal is to inspire sexual and emotional wholeness through practical and instructional training.

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