How to Embrace Our Personal Power Through Boundaries

As much as people throw around the word “boundaries” it’s come to my attention through my work as a therapist and coach (specializing in non-monogamy) that many people have no F-ing idea what a boundary is or how they could uphold them to foster healthier relationships. This is definitely one of the most frequent and valuable skills I teach clients that can lead to immediate benefits for their relationships. Some questions that will be answered during this workshop are: What the heck is a boundary? What’s the difference between boundaries, rules, and agreements? How can we tell whether our current relationship boundaries are healthy and what are tips for creating even healthier ones? How can we discern between defenses and boundaries? How can we frame boundaries in effective ways that allow for consistency, uplift our senses of personal power, and reinforce our worth?

Anna Dow, founder of “Vast Love: Counseling & Coaching Agency”, is a licensed therapist in CA who also provides coaching internationally. Her greatest passion is inspiring people to break out of closed ways of thinking so they can create the lives and loves they most truly desire. She’s been living nomadically for the past 5 years, while building a successful business that allows her to work from anywhere in the world with internet. She wants people who desire to live off the beaten path (through non-monogamy and beyond) to feel empowered by the vastness of possibilities in life and utilizes a wide range of counseling modalities in her work to accomplish that goal (see website for more details). Instagram: Love_Vastly Website: Facebook Business Page: “Vast Love: Counseling and Coaching”

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