In Love With A Plant: a demisexual plantsexual take on polyamory and love"

Why should we fall in love with natural resources? Why should we fall in love with ancient seeds? Why should we fall in love with water and other greater than than human creatures? In this session we will talk about falling in love with the non-humxn. Ecosexuality is not new, Indigenous peoples and their desendants have created connection and deep love with our ecosystem and non-humxn-animals since millennia. This session is a feminist Queer demisexual plant-loving take on love and the radical power of exploring relations beyond human. Come ready to learn about plants and botanicals to support us through it all!

Loba (Loba/they) is a Queer educator, herbalist, gardener, podcaster, content creator, consultant and educator. They are from South Coast Peru and their work is informed by Andean and traditional cosmology. Loba's work encompasses Andina identity, Reproductive Justice, doula work and plant connections. Loba has facilitated over a hundred trainings and skill shares in universities and community groups on herbalism, plant relations, social justice, healing justice and autonomous health. You can find Loba in IG: @lalobalocashares, content creating at, or podcasting at IG @ wildweedspodcast

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