Listening to What Your Jealousy is Trying to Tell You

Knowing how to manage jealousy is a crucial skill and capacity that is necessary in navigating non-monogamous relationships and being able to discern what your jealousy is actually trying to tell you can make the difference between your jealousy bringing you and your partners closer together or breaking you apart. In this experiential workshop Jessica will: -Present on the different types of jealousy -Discuss how many times what we think of as jealousy is actual primal attachment panic. -Explore the technique of un-blending from your jealousy, so that it is no longer in the driver's seat of your relationships. -Experience talking to your jealousy and hearing what it's really trying to tell you about what matters most to you. -Aligning with the needs and values implicit in your jealousy cries, so that you can better respond when jealousy arises instead of react.

Jessica Fern is a psychotherapist, coach and national speaker, specializing in non-monogamous relationships. Jessica loves working with individuals, couples, and polycules who no longer want to be limited by their reactive relational patterns, cultural conditioning, internalized stories, emotional triggers, insecure attachment styles and past pains, so that they can embody new possibilities in life and love. Jessica holds a Master's in Conflict Resolution with her practice focusing on Somatic Narrative Therapy, Emotional Trigger Work, Internal Family Systems, and Attachment and Trauma Therapy. ​

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