Love in the Time of Global Warming: Pleasure & Connection-focused Environmental Sustainability

In this workshop we will: -practice an exercise that validates and accepts painful emotions related to climate change so that we can also make room for joy and fun in our sustainability endeavors -explore a variety of fun and practical reusable/sustainable household and personal items -pick a SMART sustainability goal based on love/pleasure/satisfaction for ourselves as individuals -brainstorm SMART sustainability goals for our larger groups (family unit, polycule, triad, quad, V, friend group, etc.) also based on love/pleasure/satisfaction -share ideas and resources for further sustainability exploration and connection-building *everyone in attendance will receive a sampling of a love-themed loose-leaf tea blend*

Charlie (He/They) travels the world facilitating healing spaces, sexual health and wellness workshops and focuses on how to create and elevate a path of healing through pleasure and connection. Hailing from Brooklyn,NY Charlie does healing work through their Intuitive Tarot Card Readings, Reiki Healing and also facilitates guided meditation. As an Afro Caribbean,TGNC person who explore sexual liberation and healing at its intersections, Charlie can only be described as an experience.

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