Pleasure and Dysphoria

This interactive workshop will help transgender people, as well as the partners of transgender people, navigate sexual communication and dysphoria during sex. This session will not be limited to only trans people, but it will be focused on transgender needs. Participants will engage in solo and group activities that will help shift the framework of sex education to consider self-exploration, partner sex, dating, and setting future goals for having sexy, empowered sex.

Sara is the founder of Queer Sex Ed and the host of the Queer Sex Ed Podcast. She has been an educator and public speaker for 9 years, focused mainly on sexual health and LGBTQ education. She conducts workshops on BDSM, communication, safe sex, transgender awareness, and LGBTQ 101 training for college campuses, businesses, non-profits, and conferences. She is a neurodivergent, queer, transgender, sex-positive, polyamorous woman. You can learn more about her work at Social Media links:,,,

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