Psychedelics and Relationships

Psychedelics are experiencing a profound resurgence in the mainstream consciousness, and there is new research being published almost everyday! How can we get some of that healing in our lives? And how can it help improve our partnerships? In this workshop, we'll explore the latest research findings and protocols, and how we can leverage the insights research is finding to improve ALL your relationships, including, arguably the most important one of all, the one with yourself!

Lisannette is a Psychonaut, Spiritual Seeker, and aspiring Scientist who is on a mission to help transform our current social norms and systems to help birth a new narrative that centers the understanding and activation of our innate ability to heal ourselves and others, as well as to bring back a paradigm of human connection as a way to heal ourselves from disease. They have been working with the fungus and various plant medicine for over 6 years. They have chosen the path of meditative presence, and are committed to supporting others on their own journey of awakening and integration through their coaching and trip facilitation practice.

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