Sex Work Informed Parenting, voices of out sex workers and their kids

Sex work informed parenting is an opportunity to hear from sex workers who have an out to their children about their profession since birth, you will also be able to hear from their kids who range in age from 12-24. The session will go into detail about how we have chosen to share our jobs ( and our poly lifestyle) with our children and families, and what our children have learned in the process. The session will speak to the way we raise our children in an environment of honesty and mutual respect. There will be plenty of time for questions. ​ The kids, Nile Hand is an artist Johanna Hand is an artist and college student, Sula Ray Nguyen is an 8th grader, animal lover, snake parent and creative thinker, Violet Ray Vreeland is a 7th grader who loves hedgehogs, parents 3 rats, makes jewelry and see through the bullshit always... The pod cast Peepshow interviews Natalie and I in episode 49 sex work and families

Kymberly Cutter is a sex worker, parenting educator, former teacher, writer, herbalist and human rights advocate, living in community with co parents and kids in Tucson AZ . AND . Natalie Brewster Nguyen is a sex worker, artist, performer, yoga teacher and parent living in community with co parents and kids in Tucson AZ . AND Faffs Reiderer is an artist, musician, teacher, parent and engineer

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