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Rev Amanda Ganley

Rev. Amanda Ganley is an Independent New Thought Minister and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She speaks about the practices of being spiritual but not religious, living empowered and meaningful lives, and loving in a wholehearted and full-bodied authenticity. Amanda is passionate about creating safe space for others to flourish and thrive as self-actualized and aware participants in life. As a spiritual counselor, life coach and teacher, she celebrates diversity within community, relationship styles, family models and the gifts of all individuals. She has an open and non-judgmental approach to supporting others as they work to make positive changes in their own lives and in the world. Her ability to nurture and guide others into a wholehearted realization of their own gifts is some of her greatest work. Rev. Amanda is an engaging speaker who has over five years of experience speaking in spiritual community. She practices affirmative prayer, various styles of mindfulness and meditation, and utilizes many tools from a variety of spiritual traditions to guide clients and audiences into wonder filled and awe-inspired experiences during workshops, lectures and one-on-one coaching sessions. Most recently, Amanda's ministry has been focused on Relationship Diversity and Relationship as Spiritual Practice. She has a social media presence and a podcast titled The Poly Priestess. As a woman of color who is differently abled, much of Amanda’s work is focused on embracing our paths as individuals while consciously navigating body politics and inclusivity in all the spaces where we discuss love, sexuality and spirituality.

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