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Moogle Macabre

Moogle Macabre is a presenter and adult educator for Polyamory and BDSM/Kink. They've been polyamorous and part of the BDSM/Kink community for over a decade. They served on the board of TNG-AZ (The Next Generation of Kink) for over 8 years and have been presenting on polyamory and various BDSM/Kink topics. They identify not only as polyamorous and kinky, but also as queer, gray ace, genderqueer, and neurodivergent. They live and manage a large polyamorous household and are also a mother. They're also an advocate for LGBTQAI+ and neurodivergent individuals.​ This is their 3rd year back and they couldn't be happier to have the honor of presenting again!

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