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Become an Affiliate

It now pays to be a Southwest Love Fest lover! Join our team and become a paid affiliate of Southwest Love Fest. We've added affiliate marketing this year as a way to increase outreach through the very folks most interested in Southwest Love Fest. By being an affiliate, you get to co-create who comes to Southwest Love Fest. Our gift back to you as an affiliate is a percentage of your ticket sales as well as a discounted ticket for those you recommend!

How it works
-When you apply to be an affiliate, you will receive a unique coupon code for folks to buy a ticket with
-When a person buys a ticket with your coupon code, they receive 10% off their ticket and you receive 25% of their net ticket sale proceeds

-Net ticket sale proceeds are the ticket cost minus PayPal processing fees

Anyone is welcome to be an affiliate, no minimums or any other hidden things, just a big thank you for sharing your favorite conference. Thanks SWLF lovers!

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