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Performers & Artists

2022 Love Fest Variety Show is over and done, but stay tuned for what's to come for 2023!

Julian Addams Wolf and the House of Zebra Jasper are headed to Tucson to bring you an extra special vaudeville style Variety Show at Live Con Saturday night! We’re specifically looking for performance art/acts (think the length of a song), short term interactive installations, and visual artists who wish to share some of their work without vending. Apply if you...

  • Are an established performer who’s interested & available to perform the evening of 4/16

  • Are an installation artist with a related concept to non-monogamy 

  • Have finished creative work or project you’d like to share with fellow attendees 


The Variety Show will be a professionally curated event and our producer Julian will be selecting acts based on how they relate to the Southwest Love Fest theme and according to pacing of the show.

Performance artists will be paid. Art submissions can also be sold in the non-monogamy art gallery we will have displayed in the workshop rooms.

Submissions Closed
Variety Show Photo Reel with pictures of performers in each photo reel spot.

Image Description:

A black film strip with a teal header reading "SWLF Variety Show". Pictures shown on the film strip are a) a latino person with a microphone smiling out to the audience with red leather bracelet and wearing a leather and chains chest harness, b) a black person seated reading into a microphone wearing a hood, grey pants and barefoot, c) a white person standing on another white person and swallowing fire with other the fire lighting them, d) a white person with white bob wig, teal harness top and black skirt playing taiko drums, e) Dirty Lola, a black woman, standing and smiling to the crowd with a mic wearing a t-shirt that says "I <3 sex workers", black pencil skirt and black strappy heels.

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