Info & Registration

    Dec 03, 9:00 AM – 11:55 PM MST
    840 N 52nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85043
    Southwest Love Fest comes to Phoenix! A one day mini conference with daytime workshops, food available onsite and evening entertainment fun.

Sliding Scale Tickets


A #slidingscale ticket option is available in registration. If you still need a ticket price more financially accessible, just email us! We're willing to work with you. We provide sliding scale until funds run out, so the sooner you contact us, the better.


Sliding scale tickets were created for financial accessibility for low or no income folks, particularly for those that are institutionally disadvantaged (e.g. people of the global majority/people of color, transgender folx, disabled, neurodiverse, folks w/ chronic conditions, etc).

Donate - Pay it Forward

Help make SWLF financially accessible to more people. Or purchase a #payitforward ticket as a mirco-sponsorship of a sliding scale ticket!

Read this before you come to a SWLF event


At Southwest Love Fest (SWLF) conference, we support and maintain consent-focused, sex-positive, and power-aware exploration of sexuality and relationships by creating spaces that facilitate well-informed, emotionally intelligent, inclusive conversations about relationships, sex, & intimacy. These two agreements facilitate a shared framework of consent to be held by everyone at this event. The ultimate goal of this structure is accountability. Everything in this agreement is meant to be embraced and maintained by you.