2020 Speakers and Workshop Presenter

Submissions are Closed - Stay Tuned for Updates!

What topics are we looking for?

We look for workshops that are thought-provoking, inclusive, sex & body positive, playful, teach healthy self-care, build community and break down existing sources of power inequality. We also look for workshops that are for different levels of experience in non-monogamy as well as different types of non-monogamy practices. We are also are looking for diverse approaches to workshops, using many senses, not just auditory or visual. Here are some topic ideas:​​

  • Coming out
  • Abuse
  • Queer topics
  • Gender identity/sexual orientation
  • Polyam as a political identity
  • Poverty, classism
  • D/s and polyam
  • Relationship negotiations
  • Sex work/advocacy/logistics
  • Aces and grey sexuals (asexuality)
  • Spirituality and relationships
  • Small town communities
  • Next generation of polyam
  • Latinx culture
  • Religious groups
  • Ableism and mental health
  • Toxic masculinity
  • Kink/BDSM
  • Festival etiquette or conference etiquette
  • Sexual health (STI’s), fluid bonding, PREP
  • Time management
  • 3somes/group sex/orgies
  • Monogamish
  • Man-sharing/kinship circles etc
  • Starting and maintaining a community/leadership
  • 101, 201 and 301 topics
  • Boundaries