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Introducing a new mini Southwest Love Fest conference held in Phoenix, AZ! This one day conference will have workshops throughout the day with a food truck onsite and also evening entertainment.

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Manic Poly* Dream Babes: Managing Non-Monogamy and Mental Illness
Chrissy Holman, MS (she/her) & Rebecca Jay, LMSW (they/them)

Mental health is something that impacts every person, however mental illness stigma is prevalent regardless of your relationship style. Whether you’ve been told that your mental health is “too much” or you want to be supportive of your partners when they struggle with symptoms, Chrissy and Rebecca are here for you. Walk away from this workshop with skills to support others, ways to manage feelings - without stigma and shame.

Bill Price is a Certified Panchakarma Therapist (2013) and has worked as a Certified Surgical Assistant for more than 20 years. Working in the Women’s Health field and  Robotic Surgery for the last he was known for his stress relieving instructions with birthing mothers during their epidural procedures, anxious patients pre- and post-surgical, and has proctored staff members in the ancient Indian art of Pranayama.  These breathing techniques coupled with tapping into the energy centers (Marma Points) of the hands is a technique that were performed on most patients in his daily practice, just at the introduction and salutations.

 The book “Perfect Health” by Dr. Deepak Chopra; stands as the inspiration to his blending of Western medical skills and Holistic Vedic knowledge.  Bill’s advanced anatomy and physiology experience allows him as a Licensed Massage Therapist  to immediately connect to his client’s physical needs… His kind heart and open approach, allows him to connect to the client’s energy, which ultimately yields to balance their mind and spirit.  Bill always remarks about keeping his treatments traditional, just as his Guru's and Teachers had taught at The Kanyakumari School of Ayurveda and Yoga, Milwaukee, WI. Bill has been married to his wife Tanja Bungardt--Price, Ayurvedic Practioneer for 20 years. Together they see clients seeking balance in the mind, body, and spirit, utilizing an Ayurvedic lens.

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Bill is a large Black man with a closely shaved heard, dark brown eyes and a salt and pepper goatee. He is smiling at the camera and wearing a African print tunic with a green background and bold print designs on it. There is a rough textured brown wall in the background with a purple circular wall tapestry with large black Asian lettering on it.

Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez
Vulnerability, Connection and Openness
Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez (he/him)

In this workshop we will explore why vulnerability and openness with others is so difficult and why it is so important for us to foster. We will work together to create a container using consent, confidentiality, and comfort zones. Then, we will be answering questions to explore what it feels like to share and listen deeply to each other. Being vulnerable and open with others is a powerful tool that can lead to more connection in all areas of life. During this process, Jonathan will also be guiding us into the body Somatically to support the discovery process. Somatics can help folx get in touch with themselves and what is alive in them. He will also provide a few simple Somatic exercises that folx can continue to practice in their daily lives.

Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez is a Filipino, Cuban, Queer, Male, Meditator, movement and flow enthusiast. He is a Somatic Life Coach and trained with the Mindfulness Coaching School. His mission is to support people in connecting somatically to their body’s wisdom, to be present with whatever arises, creating flow and clarity in their lives. His own transformation through work with men has led me to have a passion for helping men connect vulnerability to each other and eventually open up in all aspects of their lives. His intention is to bring this presence, compassion and openness to the spaces he is a part of. 

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Jonathan is a Filipino and Cuban man with with dark brown eyes, black hair and closely trimmed mustache and goatee. He is pictured smiling at the camera with a dark red v-neck t-shirt on with cacti of the Sonoran Desert and mountains blurred in the background.

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Attention Deficit BDSM: Using Kink to Manage ADHD Symptoms
Rebecca Jay, LMSW (they/them)

Individuals with an ADHD diagnosis often struggle with task initiation and completion. However, the motivators to alleviate these symptoms often lose novelty quickly, and leave individuals feeling “stuck”. Join us in learning why BDSM can help your favorite ADHD-er with symptoms, and access tangible ways to implement this into your dynamic as a top or a bottom!

Frank Harris (he/him) is a Licensed Acupuncturist who uses Traditional East Asian Medicine to help bring his patients' lives into a state of ease and joy. He obtained his Master's from Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, where he learned to use acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tuina manual therapy to address the many aspects of each patient's individual whole. He has also trained in tantric and classical yoga in Chiang Mai and Tucson, and is on the provider lists for Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and Kink Aware Professionals. Frank has been involved in polyamory locally and abroad for eight years, and has a passion for bettering his community in whatever way he can. You can find him at www.hibiscusacupuncture.com.  

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Frank is a white man with short brown curly hair. He is pictured with a grey background smiling wearing a black t-shirt and colorful tatoos are visible on both biceps.

We have a self-selecting sliding scale ticket option in registration (look for the #Sliding-Scale) and limited lower sliding scale availability upon request. Sliding scale tickets are geared towards financial accessibility for those who need it, particularly folks that are institutionally disadvantaged (e.g. people of color, transgender folx, etc). Email us to work out a financially feasible ticket price if you need alternative sliding scale options than available.

COVID Info: **Proof of vaccination or negative covid test required at check-in.** The space is large for folks to spread out. Masking will be optional during workshop exercises.