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Andre Shakti (she/her)

Andre Shakti (she/her)


Andre Shakti (she/her) is a queer—white—cisgender—polyamorous educator, activist, performer and professional slut based in Baltimore, MD. She strips, she whips, and she likes dogs more than you. | | | @notandreshakti (IG) | @andreshakti (X) |

Navigating Partner Relationships with/as a Sex Worker

April 12, 2024

*This workshop is open to both sex workers and allies alike.

Each sex worker has their own understanding of both the “sex” and the “work” aspects of their job. We use many tools for our trade, and since these tools often include sharing parts of our bodies, our brains, and our hearts with clients, we also face many challenges in our “off-the-clock” relationships. Join professional slut Andre Shakti to discuss how sex workers can achieve healthy relationship practices, as well as how those who love us and fuck us can show up for us in intimate relationships.

We’ll be discussing: 

  • Acknowledging and mitigating feelings of shame often experienced by sex workers Acknowledging and mitigating feelings of jealousy often experienced by our partners. 

  • “Calling in” and combating both microaggressions and macroaggressions in social, professional, & familial spaces.

  • Learning how to build successful communication bridges between parties.

  • Addressing and demystifying harmful stigma & stereotypes as they pertain to sex work and alternative relationship model.

  • Asserting and accepting desires and boundaries, & MORE!

Non-Monogamy and Socio-Economic Class: Sustain Healthy Relationships within a Social Justice Framework

April 13, 2024

Whether we want to admit it or not, the very ability to practice non-monogamy is a privilege, significantly impacted by socio-economic class. Despite what society would have us believe, we are neither more or less deserving of love and intimacy based on our financial capital. This concept alone can feel impossible to unlearn within a monogamous relationship structure; now, consider individuals who participate in alternative relationship structures that contain three or more individuals. 

Within this course, we will seek to:  

  • Discuss how and why non-monogamy benefits from wealth Identify the sacrifices that non-monogamous people make in order to onboard new partners and maintain consistent relationships.

  • Acknowledge the impact of capitalism on HOW we date, taking care to include specifications for marginalized communities and how capitalism tells them they're unworthy of relationships.

  • Discuss how we can move away from capitalist relationship models where funds hold the most perceived value. 

  • Come up with non-monogamous dating "hacks" that are accessible to marginalized communities and work towards re-balancing the system.

  • Discuss alternative definitions of "value" that one can bring to a relationship, and how non-monogamous "families" can use creative divisions of labor based on what each individual uniquely brings to the table to create and sustain value, & more!

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