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Dr. Patricia Babin (she/her)

Dr. Patricia Babin (she/her)


Dr. Babin has over 25 years of experience working in the fields of rehabilitation, health psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral health pharmacy. She is polyamorous with a nesting partner in CA and a partner in NC. She is knowledgeable about many alternative lifestyles. 

In addition, she is a pharmacist with training in how to understand the medications that you are taking and how they may be affecting libido and/or sexual performance. Having worked with clinically and culturally diverse populations, she can address health changes with aging and disability, particularly as those issues relate to sexual functioning. Her goal is to help people realize their potential whether it be “sex”, relationships, intimacy, or health concerns.

She is also obtaining her sex therapy certification and has successfully completed the Master Certified Life Coach training. Dr. Babin’s passion is helping individuals ages 12 through 99+ understand themselves better in order to make the changes they desire. 

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Aging, Disability, and Evolving Sexuality

April 13, 2024

Attendees will learn about basic sexual functioning as it relates to understanding how the brain functions and changes given different states of arousal and need. Relationships are of course affected by changes in functioning such as you would see in disability and aging. Polyamourous couples/throuples face the same challenges and these challenges may be enhanced when there are large age differences.  

Attendees will also explore how individual values shape the evolution of our sexual and intimacy journey regardless of age or disability and that these values need to be identified and respected especially as they also evolve and change in dynamic polyamorous relationships.

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