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James-Amutabi Connie Haines (he/they)

James-Amutabi Connie Haines (he/they)


James-Amutabi Connie Haines (They/Them/He/Him) is a Baltimore born, Bay Area breed queer and questioning relationship anarchist of the people on lands currently called: Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu, Benin, Togo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Northwestern Europe and North America.

They are a multimodal artist, educator, facilitator, workshop leader, community organizer, guide, author, consultant, and cook. They are committed to taking the stories of their life, their vulnerability, and their creativity to choreograph, and re-story an ancient-futuristic human way. 

James-Amutabi loves to inspire people into using their creative expression, their bodies, and their pleasure as a means by which to get free, and is committed to fostering compassionate communities and individuals that support adults and youth in realizing and reaching their fullest and most pleasurable potential. 

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The Playground At The Edge Of Pleasure And Possibility

April 13, 2024

An embodied workshop centering the exploration of radical-self love and freedom dreaming. Our bodies are central to our freedom, pleasure, and possibility. The playground is an invitation to create the world we want to experience by claiming our embodied truths out loud. We do this through liberatory practices such as movement-based explorations, games, dance, talk-back practices, whole-body listening, consent, getting comfortable with uncertainty, and mindfulness practices. This is an opportunity to share our truths out loud in a safer space, a chance for our bodies and beliefs to be fully expressed, despite those that would silence us. This active claiming of one's voice is the key and core to our collective freedom and the manifesting power of our pleasure.

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