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Yoseñio V Lewis (he/him)

Yoseñio V Lewis (he/him)


Yoseñio V. Lewis is a Latino of African Descent transman who has been a social justice activist since he was 13 years old. A consultant, health educator, speaker, trainer, facilitator, writer, performer, out poly and kinky person and a spiritual hugger, Yoseñio has been a panelist and keynote speaker at numerous universities and sexuality conferences. He was one of the inaugural honorees of The Trans 100 list. 

Yoseñio is a member the Columbia University Community-Collaborative Advisory Board and a member of The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians. Yoseñio is a Certified Restorative Justice Practitioner and has completed the Introduction to the Principles of Kingian Nonviolence. He is on the faculty for the Sex Justice Track of the National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Conference. 

Yoseñio is a Trans Patient Educator at Stanford University. Yoseñio has been featured in several documentaries about gender identity and the trans* experience. He is the founder of Written In The Flesh Erotic Readings (an on-stage opportunity for the lifting up of People of Color voices in Erotica and Sexual Liberation). Yoseñio is also an aspiring Voice Over Artist. Yoseñio believes that there can be no art without activism and no activism without art.

Activism For Introverts and Ambiverts

April 14, 2024

Activists for Sexual Liberation come from all walks of life, from all ideologies, and temperaments. For those of us that identify as Introverts and Ambiverts, the cost of the social labor inherent in justice work may make activism inaccessible or unsustainable. This proves especially problematic when tied with other intersections in our worlds. In-group shaming and misunderstanding often keep introverted activists from practicing effective self-care or seeking support in their communities.  This workshop aims to acknowledge the meaningful role of Introverts and Ambiverts, encourage their continued presence in activist circles, and grow their ability to nurture themselves so they can sustain their fight for justice. Through interactive discussion, small group exercises, and lecture the workshop will increase the skill sets of Introverts and Ambiverts to improve their ability to continue to show up for others without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Decluttering Joy and Pleasure

April 13, 2024

The colonization of joy instills shame in the way we seek out/acquire/desire/display/avoid our joy, often preventing us from fully enjoying our sex/sexuality/desire/pleasure. We settle for what we’re given or qualify/justify receiving less or existing in a world of approximate joy. As well, we feel shameful for wanting more, inhibiting growth and fulfilment. While this phenomenon exists in all aspects of our lives, it blossoms in the world of desire, especially sexual desire. We accept or we reject pleasure often based on what we’ve been told is “appropriate” or “respectable” for achieving joy. Colonization challenges us to actually seek out what we want, when we want it, with whom we want it, how long we get to experience it and how to move past the rigid rules of how joy manifests in our lives. Via exercises, group discussion and individual work we’ll examine ways to combat the colonization/oppression of the beautiful view of joy and pleasure in our lives, including how the use of an augmented view of compersion, autonomy and creativity assists in overcoming the “rules” to fulfillment.

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