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Bex Mui (she/her)

Bex Mui (she/her)


Bex Mui, M. Ed, (she/her) is a biracial, Chinese & Polish, first generation, queer witch, certified energy worker, and spiritual organizer. In 2021, Bex founded House of Our Queer, dedicated to enhancing the spiritual health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community, and wrote House Of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice. 

Bex worked in national LGBTQ+ advocacy from 2016-2021, where she was featured on CBS News for LGBTQ-Inclusive Sexual Health Advocacy and on the podcast Third Space for Queer and Trans Affirming Mental and Sexual Health Advocacy. Through House Of Our Queer, Bex hosts virtual and in-person workshops focused on ritual and reflection for self-growth. As a life-long educator, Bex brings her expertise in co-creating brave learning spaces and blending healing modalities, from Tarot cards to reclaimed religious roots, to meet the needs of her communities.

Let’s Talk About Sacred Sexuality for Queer & Trans People

April 12, 2024

“The body is not to be prayed for, it is to be prayed to.” 

~ Sonya Renee Taylor 

We are living in a world designed to cut us off from our connection to our bodies, especially for people in the LGBTQIA+ community. Let’s come together to investigate what is blocking our connection flow, what sex-negative, shame-forward messages we’re ready to throw away, and how we can take action towards cultivating a positive and nourishing practice of sensuality and desire. The facilitator will share considerations for incorporating sacred sexuality into your spiritual rituals, guide participants in a healing, energetic meditation, and invite participants' questions about this all-too quieted topic.

Building Queer Spiritual Community

April 14, 2024

As LGBTIA+ people, we are often called a “community.” But what does this look like in practice? When are we coming together, and how are we showing up for each other’s mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic growth and wellness? In this workshop, Bex Mui, she/her, author of House Of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice, will share about the growing House Of Our Queer community along with a variety of “tools” for your spiritual toolbox including astrology, tarot, moon rituals, and reclaimed religious roots. Explore what tools might be right for your own current practice, and ways to strengthen your connections through community rituals.

*Note, this workshop will focus on queer community, but all who are seeking a queered-version of spiritual community are welcome*

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