Love Fest Events

Sex by Southwest

02.25.2023  |  The Annabelle Studio, Tucson, AZ

SexxSW (1).png

Sex Down South organizers are collaborating with us to bring the all new Sex by Southwest conference!! This one day conference will have workshops throughout the day with a food truck onsite and also evening entertainment. The workshops are sex focused with topics such as sex education, kink, sexuality and sexual rights.

Apply now to be a volunteer at Sex by Southwest!

Image Description: A written logo of 'Sex by Southwest' with 'Sex' in purple cursive scripts, an orange 'x' and 'Southwest' in teal which are a combination of the text in the Sex Down South logo and the Southwest Love Fest logo. The 't's in 'Southwest' are saguaro cacti.

Southwest Love Fest Conference

04.14-16.2023  |  La Quinta Inn by Wyndham, Tucson, AZ

Southwest Love Fest 2023 returns to our former grand scale of 200+ attendees with workshops and entertainment from Friday to Sunday. Friday will be a half day of more social themed workshops and events so that attendees can start to get to know each other. Saturday will be workshops all day with evening entertainment. And Sunday will be a half day with integration focused workshops. See more info in our FAQs too!

Taking all staff & workshop applications now!

Live Con Logo

Image Description: The graphic button has a teal background of an illustrated two story city building with a flat roof. The ground floor & roof are in red, the 2nd story in yellow and the windows and doors outlined in purple. The SWLF logo is on the roof in white. The SWLF logo is an illustration with a round circle, a heart sun shining on the upper left and the outline of a saguaro cactus in the center with a curvy line behind denoting the ground.