What are the dates?

Thursday, March 25th through Sunday, March 28th, 2021

How will the virtual conference work?

We’ll be hosted by Whova, which can be accessed on your computer from a regular internet browser or on the Whova app on mobile devices (click here for android or iphone). With Whova, you’ll be able to see the schedule in real time (any schedule changes are updated immediately), receive any announcements, you’ll be able to use community boards for organizing virtual meetups, create your own profile for connecting with others and more!

What if I can’t watch at the time a workshop is occurring?

With the virtual platform you are able to watch all recorded sessions from the conference for up to 6 months after the conference. So you don’t have to miss a single session and you can rewatch as many times as you’d like! Recordings will be available about one week after the conference.


What is your refund policy?
Our policy is no refunds and tickets purchased for the 2020 event is automatically rolled over into 2021 event.

If I already had a ticket for SWLF 2020 that was canceled, can I use it for SWLF 2021?

Yes! If you had a ticket for last year, you are automatically registered for SWLF 2021 Virtual Con.

SWLF 2021’s ticket is less than I purchased last year’s ticket for!

If your ticket purchase price was more than SWLF 2021’s ticket price you have a couple of options: 1) You can donate the difference to SWLF to continue to make sliding scale tickets available. 2) You can email us to donate the difference to someone else purchasing a ticket this year. 3) You can contact us for a refund of the difference (minus ticket fees).

How many people are coming? Who attends?

Our last conference we had over 400 people travel from all over the United States and even a few international attendees. With our virtual conference this year we expect 500 or more attendees. The large majority of attendees identify as some sort of non-monogamous relationship style but anyone is welcome. About 70% of our attendees last year were under 45 years old. Here are graphs of some of our other demographics:

SWLF 2019 Ethnicity Stats
Sexual Orientation.png
Yearly Income.png
Is this event safe for BIPOC/LGBTQIA+?

We work to have this event safer for all folx but cannot guarantee complete safety. Some ways we look to make the event safer is by choosing a broad spectrum of representation in speakers and topics and creating explicit consent & accountability culture (which is specified in detail on our website under consent & conduct and at conference registration).


What is the town hall?

The town hall is a chance to share struggles/successes or ask questions for yourself and/or from your community. It is also a chance to give direct feedback about your SWLF conference experience of what you appreciated, what you felt needs work and what was missing for you. It is moderated by Marla Renee Stewart (you can read more about Marla here).

What is the ticket cost? Do you offer reduced cost tickets?

Full weekend passes are valued at $150. Consider what you have to give towards making SWLF happen and what you might be able to provide so that someone else might be able to come for reduced cost. We have self-selecting sliding scale in registration and limited lower sliding scale availability upon request. Sliding scale tickets are geared towards financial accessibility for those who need it, particularly folks that are institutionally disadvantaged (e.g. people of color, transgender folx). Email us at southwestlovefest@gmail.com for sliding scale.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships, but we do have limited sliding scale as outlined above in reduced cost tickets. Contact us if you need financial assistance to attend the conference.

What’s included in the conference ticket?

A full weekend pass includes access to all workshops, discussions, panels, meetups, town hall and other social events on Thursday through Sunday. You will also be able to watch recorded sessions for up to 6 months after the conference.

Do you offer CE credits?

Yes, workshops that are taught by therapists (noted in the agenda) are eligible for CE credits for other licensed therapists. Due to our licensing, you must attend the live presentation in order for it to qualify for CE credit. And you also must fill out a feedback form. If you did both of those things, email us with a list of the talks you attended and we will send you your credits.