2022 Workshop Facilitator
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Motivational Speaker

What are we looking for?

SWLF looks for workshops that are thought-provoking, inclusive, sex & body positive, playful, teach healthy self-care, build community and break down existing sources of power inequality. SWLF also looks for workshops that are for different levels of experience in non-monogamy as well as different types of non-monogamy practices. SWLF also looks for diverse approaches to workshops, using many senses, not just auditory or visual, so could be somatic experiences, art exhibits, etc. Here are some topic ideas:​​

Art exhibition
Coming out
Queer topics
Gender identity/sexual orientation
Polyam as a political identity
Poverty, classism
D/s and polyam
Relationship negotiations
Sex work/advocacy/logistics
Aces and grey sexuals (asexuality)
Spirituality and relationships
Small town communities

Expanding beyond capitalism
Next generation of polyam
Latinx culture
Somatic therapy, stress relief
Religious groups
Ableism and mental health
Addressing power differentials in relationships
Festival etiquette or conference etiquette
Sexual health (STI’s), fluid bonding, PREP
Time management
3somes/group sex/orgies
Man-sharing/kinship circles etc
Starting and maintaining a community/leadership
101, 201 and 301 topics
A man talking on the radio

What does being a workshop facilitator look like?

As a facilitator, you provide an experience to attendees. This might be an artistic, somatic, information/experience sharing, interactive, combinations of these or other forms of experience. Since SWLF 2022 will be a hybrid live & virtual conference, you can be an in-person live facilitator or a virtual facilitator. Pre-recorded or projects made ahead of time are also possible.

SWLF uses 40% of their budget to compensate facilitators. SWLF pays facilitators a profit share of that 40% of the budget. The specific amount is based on how much money is brought in by ticket sales & fundraising and how many workshops there are. So 1 session = 1 profit share. You can let us know what additional needs you have in order to make this conference accessible to you in the submission form. The online will have about 20 workshop spots open & the in person will have about 10 workshop spots open.


SWLF does not book travel or hotel rooms, so if you attend in person, you will need to arrange any travel or lodging yourself. Travel or hotel reimbursements can be requested and are granted on a case by case basis within budget allowances.

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