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Love Fest Variety Show

Julian Addams Wolf and the House of Zebra Jasper (see below) are headed to Tucson to bring you an extra special vaudeville style Variety Show at Live Con Saturday night!

In addition to an evening of​ live​ entertainment​, there will be a photobooth, provided by Snap Yourself!, at our venue for our Variety Show! 

Not only will you be able to capture the moment, but we have an extra special opportunity for our audience. It's been a long time since some of us have had the opportunity to show up and show out, and ​The House of Zebra Jasper is ​inviting you to dazzle​. 

Whether you have an outfit that you've been saving, want to share your new confidence, or simply want to be seen- join our mini-ball during the show! Participants will be invited to stand, Walk the Runway, Vouge and/or otherwise express themselves for an impromptu and quick Kiki Ball.

Variety Show Photo Reel(1).png
Variety Show Photo Reel(4).png

Your category is "Presence" and the theme is "Connection." 

Everyone will be encouraged to cheer the participants on, we're here for each other. The isles in our theater will serve as our runway, move if you wish however feels good for you. No additional prep needed, but feel free to bring the fabulous- we want to celebrate!

Image Description: To the left is a black film strip graphic. Pictures shown on the film strip are a) a latino person with a microphone smiling out to the audience with red leather bracelet and wearing a leather and chains chest harness, b) a black person seated reading into a microphone wearing a hood, grey pants and barefoot, c) a white person standing on another white person and swallowing fire with other the fire lighting them, d) a white person with white bob wig, teal harness top and black skirt playing taiko drums, e) Dirty Lola, a black woman, standing and smiling to the crowd with a mic wearing a t-shirt that says "I <3 sex workers", black pencil skirt and black strappy heels.

Meet our Producer!

At the turn of the century, Julian A. Wolf (they/them) discovered and quickly became involved with the Leather/BDSM, goth, ENM, alternative music scene, and queer communities in New Mexico. Since then, their passion for service, education, creating and securing safe spaces for "alternative" folk, music and art have led them to event production, working nationally as a consent culture advocate and educator, and writing on these and related subjects. 

They've worked in the southwest and beyond, MCing and co-producing events such as the Tucson Fetish Ball, performing in venues from theaters and gay bars to cemeteries, teaching on and in between both coasts and as far north as Canada for conferences and schools, and performing as an MC for everything from comedy nights to formal pageants.

Delighted to be working again with Southwest Love Fest, they feel like they're coming home. A longtime member of the Phoenix based Dragon Clan, whose credo is "Leather, Family,

edit for bio.jpg

Service, and Spirit!" Julian has served as a LGBT Titleholder as New Mexico Pride's Prince Julian, and as half of the first Rio Grande Leather titleholder lineage along with Daddy Ruben of Albuquerque. They are also "Mama's Prince Julian" of Mama's Family, and served as a longtime board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. 

Their current projects include serving with the (regional Burning Man) Sunburn organizational team, creating as a live and visual artist based out of Santa Fe in the Land of Enchantment, maintaining their pagan-centric art and wares pop up shop and spiritual advisory business Addams-Wolf Divination, and establishing the intentional collection of creative queer radical artists: The House of Zebra Jasper. 

An adventure with Julian Addams Wolf promises to be filled with creative exploration and flairs of hedonism. You can find them performing burlesque and on the microphone as the Veracious Vaudevillian Julian Addams, and you are encouraged to follow their adventures via social media on Instagram (@theJulianWolf), Facebook (/ProfessionalJulian, /CabaretAudacity) and Twitter (@JulianWolf).

Image Description:

Julian, a non-binary white person, is pictured looking up in wonder with their hand raised to their chin and standing with one leg raised resting on the seat imbedded in the white sculpted wall with large leaves and flower carved in it. Julian has black lipstick and is wearing an open black jacket with the hood up and their chest showing and black goth platform boots.


Introducing the House of Zebra Jasper!

The House of Zebra Jasper was founded in 2020 to compete in the Black and White Fetish Ball hosted by the Men of Onyx at Sidewinder's Ranch Black Cat Cabaret theater. The originators, both artists- one a Ballroom virgin and the other a regular in the scene, served black and white themed looks to the judges, coordinated effects, and their walk earned them their first trophy. Named after the marbled stone, the House of Zebra Jasper is an intentional collection of creative queer radicals whose anti-racist consent culture based art, activism and event production is intended to evoke consideration and offer perspectives that are likely to entertain and perhaps entice their audience and participants.

After celebrating two years on 2.22.22, they're thrilled to come out of the City Different and join SWLF to share with their fellow attendees and audience some of the Dazzling Ideas they've been developing over Lab-Nights and camping adventures. 

HoZJ looks forward to welcoming you to connect over SWLF weekend, and connecting with you.

Image Description:

A silhouetted person standing with legs spread, head and arms blurred with another silhouetted kneeling with their head thrown back and arms windmilled out on a concrete stage against a black backdrop with multi-colored lights in a galaxy-like pattern. Arced white outlined text reads "House of Zebra Jasper" and below in white script "Dazzling".

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