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Sponsorship Opportunities

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One of the most important values of the Southwest Love Fest is to make this event accessible for both attendees and speakers. Many speakers are doing this in their free time, traveling from far away from their busy work and social lives. And we find it important to financially give back to our speakers. Additionally, we are always looking to create greater financial accessibility for BIPOC, disabled & LGTBQ attendees that are historically & currently disadvantaged financially.


As a sponsor/advertiser we automatically advertise your logo on our website. Otherwise sponsors are free to arrange with us display posters, add items/services to our raffle, have a stand 8.5"x11" flyer with business cards out where attendees can take cards, have a free info session during a lunch or dinner. We're open to tailoring to how you would be like to connect with attendees.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor SWLF in some way other than financial sponsorship, such donating equipment or goods, raffle items, etc.

Thank you for your support of Southwest Love Fest!!

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