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Live Con 2022 Workshops + Speakers

April 15th - 17th, 2022
with times & workshop locations
Ignacio Rivera Aredvi Azad.png
Ignacio Rivera (they/them) & Aredvi Azad (they/them)

Join us for an interactive workshop to discuss strategies for building resilient, fulfilling, and community-supported non-monogamous relationships. We will unpack harmful relational dynamics and offer tools for resisting isolation and building community. Wondering about healthy patterns of communication, accountability, and sustainable support in your non-monogamous relationships? Let's clarify ways of engaging your community in your (a)sexual and (a)romantic practices.

Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera (Ig-Nah-See-Oh Gee Who-tee-ah She-eye-tee Ree-ve-Rah), M.A., is a cultural sociologist with expertise in sexual trauma and healing for marginalized populations. Ignacio is a Queer, Trans/Yamoká-hu/Two-Spirit, Black-Boricua, and Taíno activist who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “they.” They are an internationally known gender non-conforming speaker, educator, writer, and performer with over 20 years of experience on multiple fronts, including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence work, as well as mujerista, LGBTQI and sex positive movements. Ignacio is also the founder and curator of Poly Patao Productions, which began 20 years ago and centers the sexual liberation of LGBTQI people of color. Ignacio’s work is influenced by their lived experience of homelessness, poverty, and sexual trauma and is focused on providing educational opportunities that are especially geared toward the sexual liberation of queer women, transgender, multi-gender, gender-queer, gender non-conforming, gender variant and queer people of color. Ignacio is the host of Connecting The Dots, a talk show that paints a holistic picture of how Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) shows up in everyday life and every level of society. Ignacio and their guests discuss ways to take an active role in changing the culture of shame and secrecy that makes CSA possible. As the Founder and Executive Director of The HEAL Project, Ignacio is on a mission to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation. |


Aredvi Azad (uh-Red-vee ah-Zah-d) is a certified sex and relationship coach, and an educator, writer, and speaker who has been producing educational media on gender and sexuality, kink and BDSM, and intersectional approaches to relationship building for the past decade. An Irani-American immigrant, Aredvi is a queer and trans/genderfluid relationship nerd who uses the gender neutral pronoun “they.” Aredvi’s work focuses on identifying patterns of bonding in adults who have experienced childhood emotional and sexual trauma, including generational and oppressive trauma of racism, sexism, classism, and other systems of inequality. As a scientist-turned-sex-educator, Aredvi is a self-proclaimed sexual liberationist working towards a sexually imaginative and expansive world. Aredvi is a Co-Executive Director at The HEAL Project, on a mission to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation. |

Image Description:

Ignacio is pictured on the left. They are a caramel skin, AFAB, gender fluid, Black-Latinx- Indigenous being. They have very short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. They are wearing a red and black dress with a diagonal line pattern and red colored glasses. They have a septum piercing and nose ring on the right side. They have a tattoo on their chin, starting at the bottom of their lower lip —a red strip that turns black under the chin and reaches their neck-dent. A spider is at the end of the black line inside the neck-dent. They have a chest tattoo that says “Fluid” and several other arm and finger tattoos.

Aredvi Azad is pictured on the right. They are a genderfluid Irani-American immigrant. Aredvi has short dark brown hair, brown eyes and is wearing stud earrings and a septum ring. They have a brown mole on their right cheek and have a small beard. They are wearing a grey jacket and are standing against a blurred background with a large house plant.

SWLF 2022 Speaker Duos.png
Ready or Not: Insights & Practical Tips on Race in Relationships
Jazz Goldman (they/them) & Coach Lex (he/him)

The workshop is about how quarantine forced conversations about anti-racism and intersectionality in relationships. A blend of dialogue and participation. We will be delving into anti-racism, assessing and accepting one's awareness of racism, learning under pressure (what to do and what not to do), and the more foundational communication skills needed to have these difficult conversations. One of our goals is that that you will walk away with increased self-acceptance and skills to continue learning and growing.

Jazz Goldman is a trans/femme/nonbinary Black & Jewish sex educator, performance artist, yoga practitioner & non-monogamous human being. They have been brought to you from the disco realm, to help you learn new ways to think about the world, bodies & pleasure. They have been active in polyam community since 2006 and sex education since 2011 when they began working at sex positive adult shops and teaching relationship/sex ed workshops. Using an eclectic approach --like gender queer miss frizzle meets afrofuturist space alien, Jazz weaves dance & movement with gender theory, sex ed and music. See what they're up to next at Find Jazz On Instagram: Facebook:


Coach Lex is a WASC certified sex coach who specializes in sexual communication in order to create a world where people can speak about sex as comfortably as they speak about breakfast. His work includes individuals, couples, and the polyamorous community, as well as the LGBT and kink communities (GSRD groups). Lex facilitates groups, workshops, and works with clients worldwide.

Image Description:

Jazz is pictured left and is a Black & Jewish person with jaw length black hair with a grey background. They are pictured with a quizzical look holding their chin with their hand in the 'thinking' position. They are wearing a long sleeve button down black shirt.

Lex is pictured right and is a white man with shoulder length curly dark hair and dark brown eyes. He is slightly smiling wearing a black t-shirt with a black jacket over top with a dark background in the picture.

Heather Franck.jpeg
Don’t Leave Your Baggage at the Door
Heather Franck (she/her)

Inspired by the forgotten dating game show Baggage, this interactive workshop will explore the emotional baggage we bring to new relationships through a group game and guided discussion. We will take a light hearted approach to the when and what we choose to reveal to potential lovers, as well as the when and what we expect in return. This workshop may include some harsh opinions about deal breakers and red flags in dating. Please come with an open mind and a body positive approach to the discussion.

Heather Franck is an artist best known for her adult coloring book, Polyamory is Sketchy. She co-leads polyQ, a social and support network for queers in polyamory. Heather has presented on inclusion at Atlanta Poly Weekend, RelateCon, and genderevolution. She is passionate about LGBTQ visibility and educational outreach. Heather practices hierarchical polyamory with her primary partner and femme girlfriend in Idaho, who all tri-parent their pre-schooler Makana.

Image Description:
Heather is a white woman with dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. She is pictured reclining with a drawing pad in her lap as if drawing sitting in a black office chair in front of a wooden desk with an Apple computer. She appears surprised or an animated look with black cat-eye glasses, a large paint spattered paintbrush in her mouth with a red polka dotted bandanna tied in her hair with an olive green tee shirt with white stripes, jean shorts and tall rainbow striped socks.

Taking the Ass Out of U and Me: Addressing the Role of Assumptions in Conflict and Communication (CE)
Emily Viola (she/her)

There's an old saying that, "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me". Both in working as a therapist and in engaging in queer and non-monogamous relationships, making assumptions seems to come up frequently as the cause of major conflict and relationship ruptures. This workshop will utilize teaching to provide a trauma informed background about why we make assumptions so often and will provide activities to build

both individual and interpersonal skills for reducing conflict in communication by reducing how often we make and act on assumptions. Skills will be pulled from therapies such as DBT and attachment based therapy, as well as conflict resolution and transformative justice. The information will also focus on ideas and skills that are specifically relevant for queer and non-monogamous communities. [Therapists can earn CE credits at this course.]

Emily Viola LCSW is a queer therapist in Tucson, AZ who enjoys working with children, teens, young adults, and their families. She specializes in working with people who are working to heal from trauma, have been in the foster care system, and/or are exploring their gender and sexual identities. Emily has 11 years of experience in the field of social work including working in group homes, teaching youth in foster care, providing in-home therapy, and providing group, individual, and family office based therapy. Her knowledge of trauma comes from professional experience and training as well as her own journey in healing from long term traumatic experiences.

Image Description:

Emily is a white woman with wavy long brown hair and dark rimmed cat eye glasses. She's pictured with the sunset behind with her hand on the side of her head, holding her hair back. She's laughing and wearing a white t-shirt that says "Going to therapy is cool!" in capitalized block print in multi-colors.

Tamar Reed.jpeg
Queering Existentialism in Sex Therapy (CE)
Tamar Reed (she/they)

Existentialism is an approach that centers an individual’s making of meaning through consciousness, freedom, choice, mortality, and responsibility. An existential approach to sex therapy is a depth-approach, in which treatment of sexual functioning involves the whole person rather than simply focusing on outward symptoms. While the existentialist-humanistic approach is recently gaining more traction among sex therapists, a cisgender heteropatriarchal white lens continues to dominate the narrative. Join Mx. Tamar Reed, LPC, on a journey into a very Queer, very kaleidoscopic and multidimensional/existential healing and clinical framework. This workshop will include both didactic and experiential components. (experiential components will be cues to small group or individual self-reflection and processing) [Therapists can earn CE credits at this course.]

Tamar Reed, LPC is an anti-racist, Queer, Femme, Jewish, fat/body positive psychotherapist living and working in Tucson, Arizona. They love to employ somatic, polyvagal, and experiential approaches in therapy and are dedicated to supporting healthy development of sexuality and gender, and to facilitating paths toward relationship fulfillment. Tamar is also a parent to queer teens, a beloving/beloved partner, a dog and cat mom, and a student working simultaneously toward sex therapist certification and a Ph.D. in clinical sexology. You can find Tamar on Instagram: @queeringsextherapy.

Image Description:

Tamar is a Jewish woman with dark hair, a nose piercing stud and light rimmed cat eye glasses. The image is in black & white with curved rainbow refraction coming from the upper right side to the lower left corner below Tamar's face with a three branch tree trunk behind. Tamar is slightly smiling with a wrap on their head, long metallic earrings that are squiggled snakes with a sunbeam fanned tail and wearing a dark robe/wrap top.

La Loba Loca.jpg
In Love With Plants: a Plantsexual take on Polyamory and Love
La Loba Loca (they/Loba)

Why should we fall in love with natural resources? Why should we fall in love with ancient seeds? Why should we fall in love with water and other greater-than-human-beings? In this session we will talk about falling in love with the non-humxn. Ecosexuality is not new, human beings have created relations with our ecosystem and non-humxn-animals since millennia. This session is a feminist Queer plant-loving take on love and the radical power of exploring relations beyond human. Come ready to learn about plants and some herbal magic to help us rekindle our plant relations.

Loba (they/Loba) is a Queer Peruvian migrant herbalist, weaver, farmer, seed saver, full spectrum birth worker, writer and podcaster under the project Flora Pacha.  Loba is invested in sharing Abuelita Knowledge in hopes that we build communities that depend on each other and a little less on imposed systems. Loba is currently based out of so-called New Mexico where they take care and run a small herbal and food farm. You can follow Loba in IG @flora.pacha and

Image Description:

Loba is Peruvian and is pictured against a maiz crop leaning back smiling joyously and proudly with their eyes closed and holding a large bunch of a trimmed grass plant. Loba is wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, a rust colored shirt and light wash jeans.

Teresa Jones Steve Ratcliff
The Relationship Dance for ADHD in Open Relationships (CE)
Teresa Jones & Steve Ratcliff (he/him)

Ever wonder if your large number of non-monogamous friends with ADHD is part of a larger pattern? Could there be a connection between ADHD and some of your challenges with partners/metamours/exes/kids? Frustrated that most published literature centers cis/het, monogamous couples where the male partner has ADHD? In this workshop, we will discuss these questions along with how to enhance your non-monogamous, ADHD-inclusive relationships. We will cover: - Translating existing research and resources for

CNM and sexual or gender minority populations and the intersection between ADHD, polyamory and other marginalized identities - Common patterns, challenges and narratives that show up in ADHD relationships - Self-advocacy resources for adults who suspect their ADHD was missed or dismissed due to stereotypes that persist among primary care providers, mental health practitioners and educators. - Making room for compassion and relationship accomodations without sacrificing healthy boundaries. - The ADHD effect on sex, kink and physical connection. - All The Shiny Things: The underrated strengths of ADHD partners and relationships. [Therapists can earn CE credits at this course.]

Teresa (she/her) is a filmmaker and IPA ( certified Intimacy Coordinator for Film & Television, specializing in content portraying CNM, birth, bondage and sexual/intimate partner violence. Her work is informed by multiple careers that include EMS, birth work, parenting, forensic science and epidemiology research along with her many personal dramas and sexual adventures that were likely fueled by her - until recently - undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. Having been involved in reproductive justice and advocacy work since 2014, Teresa is on a mission to promote consent culture in entertainment and the authentic representation of the vast landscape of sexuality, gender expression, and relationship styles and birthing options as an important part of good storytelling and as a positive example for progress in society at large. In spite of her turbulent start in career, relationships and general adulting, Teresa is grateful to have eventually fumbled her way into the film, CNM, and kink communities; each of which has in their own way, highlighted the strengths of her unique brain wiring while supplying the novelty she craves. 


Steve is a licensed mental health counselor and AASECT certified sex therapist in private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico who specializes in treating LGBTQ+, Kinky, and Consensually Nonmonogamous (CNM) clients. Steve regularly teaches on various topics at conferences, New Mexico universities, and clinical agencies. Steve joined the directors board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) in March 2021. Steve also volunteers with the Alternative Sexual Health Research Alliance (TASHRA) and is one of the lead research associates with their International Kink Health Study that recently launched. Steve completed his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies in 2006 and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2009. In 2018, Steve began doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology. Steve’s doctoral studies are focusing on gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (GSRD). Starting in 2022, Steve plans to conduct his dissertation study examining attachment patterns in kink and consensually nonmonogamous populations. Steve’s research interests include various topics in the gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (GSRD) populations.

Image Description:

Teresa is pictured left. Teresa is pictured smiling in a shoulders up headshot against a dark background, wearing a green cowl neck top. She has light skin, dark brown eyes, an average build, strawberry blonde hair styled in a pixie cut and lots of little silver earrings. Note that her hair changes frequently and will probably be a different length and color by the time you meet her at which point, she will be happy to describe again.

Steve is pictured right. Steve is a big, bald guy, dark brown eyes with a smile that fills his face and has stainless steel horseshoe shaped earrings and a goatee wearing a black cap and a black shirt with white check stripes.

Polyamory + Life Changes = Grief
Intimacy ConAmore (they/them)

This will be a participatory conversation amongst audience members as we explore how to cope with the things that cause us to experience the grieving processes. Grieving while simultaneously being present in multiple relationships can be more complex than usual. We will share about managing our self-care and how to pre-plan what to do when we experience an unexpected loss or major life change that may negatively impact our emotions or existing relationships.

Intimacy ConAmore can be found as their name or as @polyfreelove on most social media outlets. They are a multiracial Two-Spirit Afab Indigenous Native American Black person who is polyamorous, kinky, Demisexal/Asexual Bisexual/Pansexual and Solopoly but open to all humans not based on gender, sexuality, or genitalia. Intimacy is all about unfiltered authenticity of self and uninhibited connectivity with others. They are the mom of two young black men.  They grew up with polyamorous swinger grandparents and their grandmother taught me all about swinger etiquette. They are a polyamorous veteran of 30+ years.  Intimacy has hosted local Dallas/Ft. Worth poly events to include other large cities throughout the state since 2014 to advocate, educate and support polyamorous communities.  They are now at a place of focusing on speaking about polyamory and supporting all polyamorous communities with their personal experience, knowledge and wisdom. They have presented at multiple polyamorous-focused conferences and other events. Intimacy also works in the human sexuality fields of education & services as a $exy surrogate,  compassionate Companion, and a sensuality self-love mentor. They are a nanny aka parenting doula of 30+ years and offer child-appropriate health and safety education around sexuality topics. They can help you teach your children scientific knowledge to empower them to keep themselves safe from possible predators who use their lack of knowledge as the way to abuse them. They offer affordable adolescent and adult interpersonal relationship development sessions for individuals and/or for your enthusiastic consenting polycule members. Intimacy also speaks on scholar panels for college courses, SAR's and other certification programs geared toward educational content for healthcare and mental health providers.  Also, Google is free. Pay BIPOC people for their work when you can afford to.

Ways to find Intimacy online:
@polyfreelove on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, WhatsApp, Marco polo

Ways to show Intimacy support, love, and buy them a cup of tea.
Email for messages or to send electronic gift cards to is: 

Image Description:

Intimacy is pictured in a black hoodie with rainbow stripes in the interior of the hood looking up at the camera with a smile. They have hazel eyes with freckles.

Intimacy ConAmore
Chrissy Holman Pic.jpg
Improving Access to CNM & Kink-Affirming Quality Mental Healthcare
Chrissy Holman (she/her)

Access to quality mental healthcare is a basic human right. The task of finding quality mental healthcare is daunting, especially when you’re a non-monogamous and/or kinky person who lives on various margins. Those marginalized identities interact with and expoentiate stigma that’s already present in the healthcare industry, and therapists often pathologize ethical and consensual practices in addition to carrying biases towards identities over which they hold privilege.

Explore new peer-reviewed resources the American Psychological Association Committee on Consensual Non-Monogamy (@Div44CNM) has created to offer psychologists, clinicians, therapists, social workers, researchers, and doctors the opportunity to improve both quality and access to mental healthcare that is both CNM and kink-affirming. Clients, learn how to find well-trained therapists that are supportive and knowledgeable about CNM and kink at the intersection of race, gender, orientation, class, ability, socioeconomic status, educational status, sex work employment, and other oft marginalized identities. Practitioners, learn about resources that will ensure you offer your non-monogamous and kinky clients the most accessible and inclusive mental healthcare, and gain access to a suite of resources to educate yourselves, rather than relying on clients to educate you.

Chrissy Holman (she/her) is a queer, demisexual, demiromantic, non-monogamous, multiply disabled and neurodivergent community organizer from NYC on a quest to improve access to quality, trauma-informed, social justice-focused mental healthcare -- as she believes quality mental healthcare is a basic human right. She runs media and publicity for The City University of New York School of Law (CUNY Law), a premier public interest social justice law school that’s #1 in clinical programs nationwide. She also leads communications for the American Psychological Association’s Committee on Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM) through Division 44, the Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (@Div44CNM). Chrissy is also President Emerita of Open Love NY, the largest polyamory advocacy group in the world, a host for Poly Cocktails, and an advocate for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She’s been an administrator of the Facebook group Polyamory, a group of over 20,000 variously marginalized people who are part of the non-monogamy and kink communities. This was one of Facebook’s first safer and more accessible spaces, and the first non-monogamy group to discuss the intersections of asexuality/aromanticism in the context of non-monogamy. Chrissy holds an M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Columbia University and studied Psychology and research ethics in undergrad. When she’s not advocating, she’s at home with her kids and anchor partner and is likely power lifting, reading, playing copious amounts of video games, and distance walking. Her record thus far is 34 miles in 14 hours and she hopes to beat 50 miles in one shot this year.

Image Description:

Chrissy is a redhead with hazel eyes, nose ring, freckles, and black top smiles at the camera.

PolyIntrovert: The Intersection between Introversion and Non-Monogamy
Zach Budd (he/him)

This presentation will be a discussion about the care and feeding of the polyamorous introvert. Topics of discussion will be definitions of introvert, extrovert, and omni (or ambi) verts. The discussion will be a collaboration between a well-known introvert (Zach) and his extroverted partner/girlfriend/love (Holly) who has experience with dating introverts and gives great insights. She's also good at translating introvert thought into word that extroverts can digest. Along with definitions we will discuss recognizing, meeting, dating, communication and conflict resolution with introverts. Also some "Dos and Don'ts" as well as covering ways to make your group or event more introvert friendly. Everyone is welcome!

Zach is a self-proclaimed nerd, sex geek and consent junkie. He has been a volunteer facilitator for a weekly Polyamory Peer Discussion Group for two years as well as serving as President of the Board of Directors for the Houston Polyamory Organization and a proud member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He has been actively polyamorous for ten years and loves nothing more than gaining more knowledge and sharing it with others. Current projects include being a writer and co-editor of The Sex Positive Blog on and creating and curating a polyamory, kink, and sex positive library and reading list for the Sex Positive Blog. He is currently working towards a Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Houston to be of even more benefit to his community. He lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston,Texas.

Image Description:

Zach is a Black man with brown eyes, wire frame glasses and a beard and mustache. His pictured smiling at the camera wearing a black cap, black t-shirt with a purple lanyard and black earbuds around his neck and polyamory sign in the background.

La Loba Loca.jpg
Creating Relationships with Plants
La Loba Loca (they/Loba)

In this session we will be using light touch, light movement, breathing and meditation to connect/communicate to rose. Come ready to participate and bring an open mind!

Loba (they/Loba) is a Queer Peruvian migrant herbalist, weaver, farmer, seed saver, full spectrum birth worker, writer and podcaster under the project Flora Pacha.  Loba is invested in sharing Abuelita Knowledge in hopes that we build communities that depend on each other and a little less on imposed systems. Loba is currently based out of so-called New Mexico where they take care and run a small herbal and food farm. You can follow Loba in IG @flora.pacha and

Image Description:

Loba is Peruvian and is pictured against a maiz crop leaning back smiling joyously and proudly with their eyes closed and holding a large bunch of a trimmed grass plant. Loba is wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, a rust colored shirt and light wash jeans.

Frank 2.JPG
Qi Gong Self-Massage for Healthy Relationship Boundaries
Frank Harris (he/him)

The paradigm of Traditional East Asian Medicine views the body, psyche, and spirit holistically. This workshop explains an aspect that threads through each of those levels, Wei Qi, that aids in navigating relationships via its role in both interpersonal sensitivity and in being able to set boundaries. A self-massage Qi Gong routine that strengthens and increases sensitivity to one's Wei Qi will be taught in the latter half of the workshop.

Frank Harris (he/him) is a Licensed Acupuncturist who uses Traditional East Asian Medicine to help bring his patients' lives into a state of ease and joy. He obtained his Master's from Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, where he learned to use acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tuina manual therapy to address the many aspects of each patient's individual whole. He has also trained in tantric and classical yoga in Chiang Mai and Tucson, and is on the provider lists for Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and Kink Aware Professionals. Frank has been involved in polyamory locally and abroad for eight years, and has a passion for bettering his community in whatever way he can. You can find him at  

Image Description:

Frank is a white man with short brown curly hair. He is pictured with a grey background smiling wearing a black t-shirt and colorful tatoos are visible on both biceps.

Erotic Life Writing: Telling Your Story
Geaux (she/her)

In this workshop you will use creative writing strategies to plot a personal essay, memoir, or other creative expression of sexual healing and liberation. We will move through two exercises together the life chart and life and participants will be instructed on how to complete a “exploding the moment” diagram to organize a specific story they want to tell (in any medium.) Learning Objectives: Objective 1: Evaluate significant themes in sensual, erotic, and/or romantic lives using multiple strategies. Objective 2: Plan a creative memoir project using important life themes

Geaux taught creative non-fiction for four years to young people and finds that creative nonfiction writing is a great methodology for self-exploration. She has invested time and energy developing versions of her Race, Gender, and Memoir Writing course into workshops for more mature audiences. In this most recent iteration that has looked like the Erotic Memoir Writing workshop. 

Image Description:

Geaux (pronounced like Go) is a Black woman with glasses sitting with her legs spread open on top of a bright glowing light fixture and the background is an infinity mirrored corner so that you see Geaux's back reflected on both sides. The photo over all is in grayscale. Geaux is looking up with a powerful expression at the ceiling with her arms spread in a gesture to receive abundance from the universe. 

M_kali Hashiki (preferred pic).jpeg
Erotic Breathwork Instruction
M'kali-Hashiki (she/her)

Learn to use the breath to strengthen your relationships with Self, with Others, and with The Divine. This form of Erotic Breathwork is a gentle healing modality that deepens your embodiment, while reminding you that your body and your pleasure are sacred things. Erotic Breathwork can be used for a variety of functions: mediating stress & pain, meditation, spiritual journeying, and enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with your partners.

M'kali-Hashiki is an Erotic Empowerment Consultant helping folx heal their erotic wounds so they can have the erotic & sexual life that is their Divine Birthright. She holds certifications in Sexological Bodywork; Sound, Voice, & Music Healing; and Tantric Sacred Intimacy. Simultaneously inhabiting the roles of Pleasure Priestess, Passion Griot, and Transcendence Tutor; she offers group intensives, rituals, individual sessions, instructional videos, and guided visualizations; as as well as employee events for companies & organizations. In her travels across North & Central America she teaches at colleges & universities, conferences, and the odd adult toy store or educational center. She is also a skilled Sensitivity Reader hired to read manuscripts to make sure they avoid explicit & implicit systemic bias. Her lived experiences as a fat, Black, queer, femme, trauma-survivor inform every aspect of her work. For more information, visit her website at

Image Description:

M'kali-Hashiki is a Black woman with almost chin length tightly curled dark hair. In the picture, there is light shining down from above and she is smiling radiantly with dark red lipstick, looking slightly down at the camera. She is wear a silver chain mesh necklace and a dark jean jacket.

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