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Performers & Artists

We’re still working on our evening entertainment plan, stay tuned for details!

Coming Soon
Variety Show Photo Reel with pictures of performers in each photo reel spot.
A black film strip with a teal header reading "SWLF Variety Show". Pictures shown on the film strip are a) a latino person with a microphone smiling out to the audience with red leather bracelet and wearing a leather and chains chest harness, b) a black person seated reading into a microphone wearing a hood, grey pants and barefoot, c) a white person standing on another white person and swallowing fire with other the fire lighting them, d) a white person with white bob wig, teal harness top and black skirt playing taiko drums, e) Dirty Lola, a black woman, standing and smiling to the crowd with a mic wearing a t-shirt that says "I <3 sex workers", black pencil skirt and black strappy heels.
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