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Southwest Love Fest Crew

Crew applications have closed for 2024, you can still volunteer however! As crew you'll be attending monthly meetings and working on projects to create our next years program. You can expect the time commitment to be around 10-20hrs per month. Crew can sign up for as many or as few projects as you have capacity for.

   -Individuals who are aligned with the mission of SWLF to grow inclusive community.
   -Reliable communication (clear when they are available, can communicate about capacity or supports needed, etc.)
   -Be able to follow through on chosen projects
   -Someone with time & capacity to do projects - most projects are done prior to SWLF, but many also require you to attend the entire weekend + any followup duties after the conference
   -Diverse representation based on race, ableness, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, body diversity, etc
   -Folks who are excited to co-create and grow SWLF!


    -Crew automatically receives a free conference pass for themself
    -Additional compensation is based on hours worked above minimum hours (to be determined by crew) which could be a profit share (estimated to be up to $200+), additional tickets, lodging, travel, etc.
    -Marginalized staff members are paid a slightly higher profit share as a micro-reparatio

2025 Not Available Yet
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