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Taking all applications for staff for Southwest Love Fest 2023!! As staff you are steering the creation of Southwest Love Fest and directing volunteer involvement. You can be a part of staff at your capacity level. Minimum involvement is 8 hours. If you have additional capacity than the minimum, you'll receive additional compensation.

What We Look For
-Individuals who are aligned with the mission of SWLF to grow inclusive community
-Reliable communication (okay to have neurodiverse ways of reliably communicating)
-Be able to follow through on deadlines (we will collaborate on setting interim deadlines to make it easy)
-Someone with time & capacity to work on SWLF projects
-Diverse representation based on race, ableness, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc
-Folks who are excited to co-create, grow and promote SWLF!

-A free conference pass
-An additional free conference pass for a person of their choice

Additional compensation available (based on hours)

-Hotel room at the conference

-Additional conference passes
-Profit share (up to ~$200)*
-Marginalized staff members are paid a slightly higher profit share as a micro-reparation

Below are the main staff project areas (many of these projects will need multiple staff members), scroll down to hit the application button at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Coordination

Organizes outreach to potential volunteers of positions needed as well as coordinating volunteer shifts. Volunteer Coordinators are on call during the conference for any volunteer needs and fills in for any unfulfilled shifts. Seeking extroverted cat wranglers!

Grant & Donors

Looks for grants, sponsors and donors in line with the mission of Southwest Love Fest to provide funding for greater sliding scale accessibility & increased services to attendees such as ASL interpreters and childcare. Create sponsorship packages to provide for donors. Main point of contact for donors & sponsors. Coordinate and set up any info boards or other donor/sponsor provisions at the conference. Seeking that money magnet!


Marketing Outreach

Coordinate outreach to national or international non-monogamy groups and organizations to increase visibility to possible speakers & attendees for SWLF. Outreach can be via social media, email, flyering, events, etc. Seeking people with the most connected polycules!

Social Activities

Create fun and inclusive social experiences throughout the conference (day and/or night). Examples ideas are flirt board, pool party, board game night, poly bingo, speed dating, kissing booth, photo booth, scavenger hunt, and cuddle puddle. Also think created spaces like introvert/chill space, QTPOC safe space, open art area, etc. Can coordinate with entertainment coordinator or art coordinator for combined experiences. Seeking the flamboyant social butterflies!

Entertainment Creators

Create and direct evening entertainment for Friday and/or Saturday of the conference. In the past we have done variety shows and a dance party with DJ's. Though not limited to just these events! Can work with the social activities coordinator or art coordinator for combined events. Seeking the person behind the curtain!

Vendors & Food Trucks

Book food trucks and is the food truck point of contact. Food trucks will be there at mealtimes for Friday & Saturday. Also, coordinating all vendors, set up vendor area, be point of contact for vendor needs, collect vendor fees and be on site during the Vendor Marketplace hours, including set up & breakdown. The Marketplace hours are lunch and dinner on Friday, Saturday of the conference. Seeking organized foodies & pop-up shop enthusiasts!

Tech & A/V Leads

Responsible for coordinating all audio visual or other tech needs for the workshops/events. Will need to make sure all necessary equipment is purchased or rented at least a month out from the conference. The conference automatically provides a microphone & speaker, projector & projector screen for each workshop. Will be on call during the entire conference for any tech or a/v issues that arise, particularly checking in before the start of workshops. (e.g. making sure laptops can hook up to the projectors, troubleshooting Powerpoint/Google Slides/Keynote issues). Coordinate tech & A/V volunteers. Seeking trusty sexy geek robot folk!

Art Coordination

Organize & set up art gallery area. This could include: attendee art, art related to the subject of non-monogamy, art of prominent non-monogamous artists, live art, interactive art, etc. Main point of contact for artists and needs related to the art gallery area. Will need to arrange with venue and artists how art can be displayed and/or any equipment needed (e.g. easel stands). Artists will be able to sell their art if they like. Will need to be on-site during gallery set-up and on call or any issues that arise during conference. Seeking artsy gallery manager extraordinaires!

*So how do we do that profit share math? SWLF reserves 40% of their budget to pay staff members & speakers. SWLF pays one profit share of that 40% of the budget per workshop and per staff position. The specific amount for a profit share is based on how much money is brought in by ticket sales & fundraising divided by the number of workshops + the number of staff position.

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