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Our Vision

for Southwest Love Fest is to serve our non-monogamy community as a whole. Our community includes all genders, ethnicities, sexuality preferences, and varying levels of ability, ages, and experiences. We seek to strengthen our non-monogamous community by relevant educational topics and discussions on non-monogamy, examining privilege and inequality in non-monogamy. We want to create fun and interactive spaces with activities for people to meet, play, and be seen in an inclusive and affirming environment.

Photo of a wooden shelf with 8 potted prickly pear cacti with wooden slats in the background and colorful scarves hung on hooks. The leaf pad of each prickly pear cactus is heart-shaped.

We also believe in creating small-scale local economy by profit-sharing with speakers and staff, choosing vendors from within our communities and banking with a credit union. As much as possible, we divest from large corporate entities.

by Kate Kincaid & Sara Bachman-Williams

Kate Kincaid (she/her) & Sara Bachman-Williams (she/her/ella) are pictured speaking at Southwest Love Fest 2019 with a podium, projector screen and round table covered in a white table cloth with AV equipment atop and both have ID lanyard necklaces. Kate is a white queer cis-woman with curly shoulder length brown hair that is dyed lavender and wearing a black dress w/ floral patterns and black ankle high boots. She is laughing while looking at Sara. Sara is a queer white, puertarriqueña cis-woman with chin length dark purple hair caught in mid speech while gesturing to the audience wearing a black sleevless shirt, light rose colored jeans and leather slip on shoes.

Kate Kincaid (she/her) & Sara Bachman-Williams (she/her/ella) are pictured speaking at Southwest Love Fest 2019. Kate is a Euro descent queer cis-woman and Sara is a queer cis-woman of Euro & Latinx descent.

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