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​Southwest Love Fest is a three day event that brings national and international members of the non-monogamy community together for a weekend of social and educational experiences. Vendor hours are Friday & Saturday during lunch and at dinner through the evening social events. Vendors are welcome to set their hours during the Saturday. There are two indoor spots and around 20 spots outside. For 2024, we expect to host around 400 attendees. Vendor spots are first come, first serve.

Merchandise & Services that usually sells best at SWLF:
    - small ticket price items, such as pins, earrings, teas, treats, small art, sex toys, books, etc
    - themed merchandise specific to SWLF (e.g. non-monogamy, queer, Black Lives Matter, kink, gender & sexual identity)

    - things small enough to fit in a suitcase

    - short, on the spot services (e.g. 30 min chair massage)

    - virtual services for traveling attendees

Vendor Fee/Payment:
    - Either an upfront booth fee - $180 for indoor, $80 for outdoor
    - Or, for financial accessibility, a donation of 10% of your profits on sales made at SWLF (capped at the booth fee)

Marketplace Details

     - Vendor Marketplace will be outside in the hotel lawn area under an awning

     - Indoor booths are inside in the entrance area to the workshop rooms

     - Body workers are welcome to set up inside or outside (e.g. chair massage)

     - Booths will need to be *secured overnight* as there is no overnight security

Vendors also receive a 50% discount to attending Southwest Love Fest - you will need to purchase your own ticket with the given vendor discount code.

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