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Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers

Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers


Evita “Lavitaloca” Sawyers is a black, queer, femme, ethical non-monogamy coach, speaker, educator, and author. She is the creator of “Today’s Polyamory Reminder,” which has inspired over 50,000 followers. She is the author of the newly released "A Polyamory Devotional-365 Daily Reflections for the Consensually Nonmonogamous". 

Evita is also the subject of the groundbreaking polyamorous documentary “Poly-Love”.  In her coaching and education, she specializes in navigating the transition from monogamy to non-monogamy, coping with jealousy, and articulating difficult emotions in healthy ways. She is appreciated for her candid shares about her own personal journey with nonmonogamy and her frank yet balanced and empathetic approach.

A Polyamory Devotional: Working with it

April 14, 2024

Join me as I read and reflect with some of my favorite excerpts of my book, “A Polyamory Devotional: 365 Daily Reflections for the Consensually Non-monogamous”. We will read several passages and answer the reflection questions as a group.

ARC - How to Compassionately Say "No" to Your Partners

April 12, 2024

A common pitfall many nonmogamous persons face is how to say "no" to requests made by their partners in nonmonogamy. Requests made by partners to cancel plans with other partners, requests to grant access to text exchanges or other correspondence with other partners, requests to break up with other partners or to limit how they interact with other partners, for example. Often, people will say "yes" to things they don't truly wish to do in an attempt to keep the peace, because they are afraid to lose someone important to them if they say no, or because they don't know how to say "no, I'm unwilling to do that". 

In this workshop, Evita Lavitaloca Sawyers will demonstrate a process she developed for helping people gain the tools to compassionately say "no" to their partners in a way that honors their own autonomy and also provide care for the parts of their partners that are making those requests because, deep down, they are struggling with the fear that they are going to lose their partner and trying to regain a sense of security in the relationship.

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