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Fen Futureheart (they/he)

Fen Futureheart (they/he)


Fen (they/he) is an advocate for mutual aid, trans rights, and open communication. They believe in making the world better with small everyday acts of kindness and solidarity along with building community and bigger movements for change. You can find them at dance parties, giving testimony at the state legislature, sharing free food, or at home playing various role-playing games. Their background in environmental and interpretive education, nonprofit management, and political outreach have all fueled a love for public speaking. For the past seven years they've been practicing polyamory, learning a lot along the way, and endeavor to always be learning and improving communication skills.

"We've Always Been Here" - A Panel on Trans Joy

April 13, 2024

Despite the hardships and discrimination we face, transitioning is a source of excitement and happiness for transgender people. "We've Always Been Here" will be a small panel discussion including trans speakers. We'll cover several topics where each panel member will speak on their personal experience. This panel will focus on the positive, interesting, and funny aspects of being transgender, changing the narrative of trans people as pitiable victims - while still acknowledging societal challenges. We will select a few questions from the audience to answer as well.

Note: this is not Transgender 101. If you are unfamiliar with what it means to be transgender, and the issues that we face, this link is a good starting point to start learning about it. This panel will be a 201 session, that will be delving deeper into individual experiences rather than a beginner introduction to trans rights.

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