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Heather Franck (she/her)

Heather Franck (she/her)


A thrice returning presenter, Heather Franck is an artist best known for her books, Polyamory is Sketchy and Poly Bullet Journal. She co-leads polyQ, a social and support network for queers in polyamory. Heather has presented at Poly Living in Philadelphia, RelateCon, Atlanta Poly Weekend, and genderevolution. She is passionate about LGBTQ visibility and educational outreach. Heather practices hierarchical polyamory in Idaho with her primary partner and is going steady with a Dewey Decimal Dyke.

Swipe Right Through the Decades

April 12, 2024

Join us for a fun time analyzing how dating has changed over the years. We will start by playing a group version of the 1965 Mystery Date Game. Yes, there will be a winner, and yes there will be a themed prize! With a guided group discussion, we will create our own personalized timeline of dating in America from the 1960s to modern day - from using a rotary phone to ask out a swell gall to using tinder to send solicited dick pics. This workshop is inclusive of all sexual orientations, so be ready to laugh and learn with LGBTQAI+ folks and allies.

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