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Mikaela de la Myco (she/they)

Mikaela de la Myco (she/they)


Mikaela de la Myco comes from a blended ancestry.  Her ancestors come from southern italy, the caribbean and mexico and she uplifts their perspectives in the space of entheogens.  In her everyday life, Mikaela serves as a mother, an educator, a folk herbalist, a community organizer and entheogen facilitator in occupied Kumeyaay & Luiseno territory, also known as San Diego, CA. She cares for all people with ancestral healing ways and holds special focus in serving small-businesses, cooperatives, non-monogamous people, psychedelic families, femmes and people seeking full-spectrum herbal womb care.  She has collaborated as an educator and activist with hundreds of companies and organizations within the sacred earth medicine space and is well known as a maternal caretaker in the community.  Her platforms, Mama de la Myco and the mushWOMB generate educational content that weaves the tapestry of medicine woman, psychedelic mother and sacred hoe.  In all her creations, Mikaela de la Myco has made the commitment to rematriate entheogens by advocating for ethics and womb to tomb psychedelic literacy.  Her most recent movement, Mothers of the Mushroom is an open source research and resources project meant to further permission the world into remembering that psychedelics are for families.

Closing Ceremony

April 14, 2024

In our closing ceremony, we will have a moment to reflect and share we each other on all of our journeys together over the weekend. We will return the water back to the land and close the container we have made together. 

Opening Ceremony

April 12, 2024

First we'll be welcomed by SWLF Co-Creator Sara Bachman-Williams and go over conference orientation. Then Mikaela de la Myco will support the opening ceremony as a moment to begin the process of healing, exploration and connection we will embark on over the weekend. We will open with the directions, circle question and share a song to carry us.  There will be land acknowledgement and a water offering.

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