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2019 Speakers and Workshop Presenters

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Mx. Aida Manduley, LCSW is an award-winning Latinx activist, international bilingual presenter and trauma-focused clinician known for big earrings and building bridges. Trained as a sexuality educator, social worker, and nonprofit management professional, they’re working to make the word a more equitable place through education, therapy, and community organizing. Their perspective centers intersectionality and maximizing kindness, while retaining both a sense of humor and a sense of justice. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Aida has presented across North America connecting sexuality with topics such as technology & anti-racism. Past projects include work at a domestic violence agency, crisis-response with victims of sexual assault, & leadership on a number of national & regional coalitions. Their other areas of expertise include organizational development, sexual stigma, kink/BDSM, & youth education.


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Find a Compass and Ditch the Map: A Restorative and Transformative Justice Mini Intensive

Ruby 2018.jpg

Ruby Bouie Johnson is a sex therapist and sex educator in private practice in Plano, Texas. In private practice, her areas of expertise are ethically nonmonogamous partnerships/families, Kink/BDSM, desire discrepancy, and infidelity. Ruby Johnson is the CEO and organizer for PolyDallas Millennium© LLC (

Mrs. Johnson has presented, including keynote, at several national conferences. She has been interviewed on radio shows, blogs, podcasts, and magazines such as Playboy Magazine, Vice, and Women’s Health. She wrote the forward for Love’s Not Colorblind by Kevin Patterson. Additionally, she was a contributor for the Huffington Post.

Mrs. Johnson serves on the Board of Directors for National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She is part of two task forces that are formulating the guidelines for clinical practice for Kink/BDSM and clinical practice for Consensual Nonmonogamy Relationships for the American Psychological Association. She serves on the Advocacy Committee for the American Association of Sexologists, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. Ruby Bouie Johnson received the 2018 Professional Standard of Excellence Award from the American Association of Sexologists, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.


Power: The Individual


Andre Shakti is a queer journalist, educator, performer, activist, and professional slut living in the DMV. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission and writes about the resistance for Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, Vice, Cosmopolitan, Autostraddle, and more. She frequently lectures, coaches and advises on the intersecting issues of sexual health, politics and pleasure, race, trauma, gender diversity, sex worker rights, non-monogamy, and queerness. When not working, Andre can typically be found marathoning "Law & Order: SVU" under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she knows how problematic that show is. 


Andre is the reigning polyamory pundit at her biweekly non-monogamy advice column "I Am Poly(amorous) & So Can You!", which you can visit - and submit questions to! - via She also helms "The In & Out", a sex and relationship column for the LGBTQ community published biweekly through Baltimore OUTLoud. Andre encourages you to connect with her on Facebook via "Andre Shakti" and to follow her NSFW exploits on Twitter via @andreshakti!

Knuckle Up!: Anal & Vaginal Fisting 101

Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball!

Non-Monogamy, Privilege and SocioEconomic Class: Sustain Healthy Relationships within a Social Justice Framework


Ignacio G (Hutiá Xeiti) Rivera, M.A. who prefers the gender neutral pronoun, They, is an Activist, Writer, Educator, Sex(ual) Healer , Filmmaker, Performance Artist and Mother. Ignacio has over 20 years of experience on multiple fronts, including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence work, as well as mujerista, LGBTQI and sex positive movements. Their work is influenced by their lived experience of homelessness, poverty and sexual trauma. Ignacio’s work is also driven by the strengths of identifying as a survivor, transgender, Yamoká-hu/Two-Spirit, Black-Boricua-Taíno and queer.

Trans-Queering Your Sex

Pure Love: Kink, Non-monogamy, and Sex-positive Parenting 


Dirty Lola is Brooklyn based educator, storyteller, and dildo slinger. She has traveled across North America bringing her show SexEdA Go Go to night clubs, conferences and colleges spreading sex and body positivity while sharing her journeys into polyamory and kink with the masses.

Sex Ed A Go Go


Jessica Fern is psychotherapist, coach and speaker, specializing in Non-Monogamous Relationships.  Jessica loves working with individuals, couples, and Poly loved ones who no longer want to be limited by their reactive relational patterns, cultural conditioning, internalized stories, emotional triggers, insecure attachment styles and past pains, so that they can embody new possibilities in life and love. Jessica holds a Master's in Conflict Resolution with a focus on Somatic Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotional Trigger Work, Non-Violent Communication, Attachment/Trauma Work, and Up leveling Your life.

Couples Transitioning From Monogamy to Polyamory

Attachment Styles in Non-Monogamous Relationships

Hunter Riley _she_her.jpg

Hunter Riley is the manager of operations and outreach at Self Serve, a sex educator, speaker and social media maven. She helps young adults find their voice and comfort level around conversations about sex and sexuality. After earning degrees in psychology, Spanish and journalism, she moved on to teaching classes in English and Spanish about pleasure, sex toys, communication, safer sex, consent, oral sex, kink, non-monogamy, birth control and more! She has authored several sex columns for newspapers and online media outlets in New Mexico including the Daily Lobo, the Santa Fe Reporter and Albuquerque Free Press. She has partnered with organizations like Planned Parenthood, the University of New Mexico, UNM Hospital, Enlace Comunitario, Santa Fe Care Center and more. Anyone interested in hiring Hunter or learning more about the services she provides can contact Hunter via email: for more information.


Consent, Communication & Safer Sex: The Foundation of Great Sex
Mastering the Blowjob: Interactive Skills w/ a Live Demo
eve rickert edited-7.jpg

Eve Rickert is the cofounder of Thorntree Press and the coauthor of More Than Two. She has 15 years' experience in the publishing industry and is dedicated to promoting the voices of emerging writers.


Speed pitching: Get your book published

Marla Renee Stewart, MA is a Lecturer at Clayton State University and a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference (@sexdownsouthatl | IG: @sdscon) and the SexualLiberation Collective (@sexlibco).  She is a sexologist, a professional sex, intimacy and relationship coach and sexuality educator.  She created Velvet Lips (@velvetlipssxed), a sexuality education company, to empower people of all ages to embrace, educate and enjoy their sexuality and their sexual lives. She has studied human sexuality for more than 17 years at San Francisco State University and Georgia State University, respectively, and has expert knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. She has published academic articles and continues to do sexuality research. She has conducted workshops at conferences, not-for-profit and private organizations, featured on many radio shows, TV shows, documentaries, books, magazines and has been invited to speak at Universities around the world.  She also sits on the board for SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!, the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, and the Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute.


Keeping The NRE Up! Cater to Your Lovers In An Effective Way

Alana Phelan.jpeg

Alana Phelan is a librarian, writer, editor, and community organizer. She lives in South Jersey with her family, two cats, and a surprisingly large Dorbz collection. You can find her online as The Polyamorous Librarian, where she writes a weekly advice column and offers workshops and relationship support.


Polyamorous Representation in Media w/ Kevin Patterson

Schechinger Headshot (1).jpeg

Heath Schechinger, Ph.D., is a licensed counseling psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, and Co-chair of the American Psychological Association Division 44 Consensual Non-monogamy Task Force. His private practice specializes in providing support to the consensual non-monogamy, kink, queer, and gender non-conforming communities. His recent article, Harmful andHelpful Therapy Practices With Consensually Non-monogamous Clients, is the largest study to date addressing therapy practices with individuals engaged in consensual non-monogamy.

Organizing for Change: The APA Division 44 Consensual Non-monogamy Task Force

joanna lynn smith.jpg

Joanna is a queer woman who is a wellness educator, activist, and movement artist living in Tucson, AZ. She has a background in positive psychology, curriculum development, and is a movement based instructor teaching around the U.S. She’s been described as a dream follower, encouraging others to be the architects of their best lives.

Self Love in a Poly World
Panel Discussion on Modern Sex Work

Kevin Patterson is an active member of the Philadelphia polyamory community. He's been practicing ethical nonmonogamy since August of 2002 after opening up a relationship that eventually became his marriage. In April of 2015, Kevin was inspired to start Poly Role Models, an interview series for people describing their experiences with polyamory. Poly Role Models is part of a drive and a desire to change the way our lives and communities are viewed. It is currently the most diverse and inclusive platform for polyamory available. To continue the discussion of polyamorous representation, Kevin has extended the blog's work into nationwide speaking engagements about how race and polyamory intersect. This has led to the writing of the book, Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities.


Polyamorous Representation in Media w/ Alana Phelan

Ryan Headshot - Wide1.jpg

Dr. Ryan Witherspoon holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, as well as Masters degrees in clinical and general psychology.  He lives in Los Angeles, where he practices psychotherapy as a pre-licensed post-doctoral fellow, conducts research, and teaches workshops to professional and general audiences.  Dr. Witherspoon is a nationally recognized expert in consensually non-monogamous relationships as well as alternative sexualities (e.g. kink/BDSM), and he regularly publishes research on these topics and trains mental health clinicians in working therapeutically with these groups.


Managing Mental Health Challenges and Polyamory

Amanda Urbaniak.jpg

Amanda Urbaniak is a consent educator with the Bureau of Erotic
Discourse (B.E.D.), an organization dedicated to improving consent
education and awareness at Burning Man (and other places where humans
interact). She offers sex-positive consent workshops for individuals and event organizers, offering help drafting consent guidelines for communities and events.


Amanda lives in Tucson, Arizona with her family and little dog, Bear. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, camping, and directing community theatre.

Clarity & Consent - A sex-positive, interactive consent workshop


Leonore Tjia (pronounced “Chee-ah”) is a feminist sexuality educator who helps people create more presence, play, pleasure and power in the bedroom and beyond. As a trained practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy, she assists people in recovering the parts of their sexual selves that have been exiled and repressed. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Leonore is an artist-healer whose work focuses on reawakening the raw life force and inner wildness that make us feel erotically alive.

Rewilding Our Sexual Stories


Michelle Marks - As a mama, friend, poet, teacher, and humble student of being-ness, Michelle has been merging her background in education, somatic therapies, yoga, psychology, and spirituality for the past 20 years. Her passion is offering experiential practices for students to explore the inner workings of the body, mind, and spirit. With a focus on embodied awareness, a deeper understanding of one’s physiology, and attention to one’s unique path Michelle brings a playfulness, and practicality to whatever subject she is presenting. For almost two decades, Michelle has been offering skillful classes, workshops, and retreats and has been running a private practice specializing in nervous system regulation, Temple Love Yoga. Her classes are passionate and progressive, inspired by a long journey of showing up for life through all the blessings and inevitable chaos. She has a strong commitment to social action through years of volunteer work, fundraisers, and bringing awareness on and off the mat to the global impact of our personal choices.

Hatha Flow Yoga - Friday morning

Cultivating Safety in Embodied Relationships

Zach Budd.jpeg

Zach Bud is a self-proclaimed nerd, sex geek and consent junkie. He has been a volunteer facilitator for a weekly Polyamory Peer Discussion Group for two years as well as serving as President of the Board of Directors for the Houston Polyamory Organization. Zach is also a proud member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He has been actively polyamorous for ten years and loves nothing more than gaining more knowledge and sharing it with others. He has served on polyamory discussion panels, conducted workshops, and recorded podcast episodes on the subjects of polyamory, consent and kink. Current projects include being a writer and co-editor of The Sex Positive Blog on ( and creating and curating a polyamory, kink, and sex positive library and reading list for the Sex Positive Blog. Zach became interested in consent as a topic more than five years ago as a personal research project. He is currently working towards a Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Houston to be of even more benefit to his community. He lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston,Texas where he enjoys listening to and playing music, converting from a fat boy to a runner, all things Star Trek, reading, gaming, hockey, cooking and being owned and loved by rescue dogs including a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia.

Radical Self(ish) Love: How Loving Yourself is the Best Thing You Can Do

for All of Your Relationships

Superminority: Seeing, Honoring and Loving the Polyamorous Black Male

ej milstone.jpg

EJ Milstone is a practicing therapist in Tucson, Arizona. She has over 15 years of experience in the mental health field and has spent most of that time building a practice that caters to the diverse fabric of human sexuality and relationships. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and spends a lot of time talking about shame, vulnerability, and courage which tends to annoy her friends.

Braving! Telling your story and asking for what you need

Sara Connell.jpg

Sara Connell has been a sexual health and LGBTQ educator for 8 years. I began as a freshman in college, then as a full-time professional for a year after graduation. In my professional life, as I conduct workplace and school workshops about LGBTQ communities. I am a queer, sex-positive, non-monogamous woman who wants to help all people develop tools to better navigate relationships, pleasure, body positivity, and authentic desire.

Queering Sex Ed: Using Ethical Communication as a Framework for Radically Inclusive Sex Ed

Susan Wright headshot small.jpg

Susan Wright founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, a national advocacy organization for the kink and non-monogamy communities. She currently serves as Spokesperson for the organization as well as Director of Incident Reporting & Response, providing direct services to NCSF constituents. Susan has presented over a hundred workshops for professional organizations, colleges and community groups on discrimination against alternative sexualities, consent, and the media influence on the persecution of alternative sexualities. Susan also directed NCSF’s successful DSM-5 Revision Project that helped convince the American Psychiatric Association to depathologize consensual BDSM behaviors in 2013. Susan is an author who’s written over 30 novels and nonfiction books on art and popular culture.

Consent for Nonmonogamy

dan dawn williams.JPG

Dan and Dawn Wright are a polyamorous couple of twenty years and have presented at over 100 events around North America. They are the authors of two books as well as creators of the wildly popular Kink Starter cards! They also co-producer two unique events, Power eXchange Summit and Beyond The Love.


They are also the co-hosts of the Erotic Awakening internet radio show, an educational podcast that explores “all things erotic”; co-directors of the Columbus Space, an alternative community center; 2016 MAsT International Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year Award winner; creators of the Scarlet Sanctuary and Path of the Qadishti (sacred sexuality spaces); featured educators on both Kink Academy and Creative Sexuality; and mentioned in a number of books, articles, and other media.


“They move between clear and simple presentation of facts and information to personal stories of their fascinating experiences together, energizing their audiences with the ease and grace of people that enjoy what they are doing”​

Long Term Polyamorous Relationships

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 3.06.22 PM.png

Yoseñio V. Lewis is a Latino of African Descent female to male transsexual who has been a social justice activist since he was 13 years old. A health educator, speaker, writer, performer, trainer, facilitator, out poly and kinky person and a spiritual hugger, Yoseñio is a Board Member of TASHRA—The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance. Yoseñio is on the faculty for the Sex Justice Track of the National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Conference.  He is also on the Community Advisory Board of the Transgender Resilience Study (sponsored by San Francisco State University/Emory University/Columbia University).  He is also a member of the CDC’s Transforming Healthcare Workgroup.



Masks: Addressing Dark Desires
Micro-Aggressions of Desire
Navigating Kink Amongst ISMs 
Samantha Manewitz.jpg

Samantha is an educator and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She has given presentations to mental health professionals, sex educators, and alt-sex communities on healthy communication, abuse prevention, and mental health in BDSM. She has been a speaker at CatalystCon West, AASECT’s annual conference, the CARAS conference in Chicago, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Among her specialties are trauma (complex PTSD), sex therapy, Couples therapy (level 2 Gottman trained), and gender affirming care for trans/non binary clients. Samantha is also on the faculty of the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, where she has presented on sexual coercion and psychotherapy with Kinky clients, among other topics

Gaslighting’s Invisible Glare


Nolan Lawless is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex educator, public speaker, and polyamory advocate. He has presented across the United States and Canada on alternative sexuality and alternative relationship models, both to professional and community audiences, and is currently serving as CEU Coordinator for Loving More . Nolan is owner of Mount Scott Counseling in Lawton, Oklahoma, which serves the diverse mental health needs of southwest Oklahoma, including clients with multiple gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship dynamics. He and his wife are co-founders of the first polyamory support and social group in Lawton, where they live with their two very spoiled dogs, Chester and Daisy.  

Deconstructing The Myth Of Poly Sainthood 

Ethical Issues In Counseling Non-Monogamous Clients w/ Dr. Liz Powell


An adventure with Julian Addams Wolf promises to be filled with creative exploration and a flair for hedonism. A person who dons many hats, Julian is known as an educator, MC, wordsmith, producer, and boylesque performer in addition to working as an activist and actively serving the alternative community since the turn of the century. Board Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and foreperson of Audacious Productions, Julian's passion for Consent Culture reaches beyond their activism and into their art. Honored and delighted to be able to travel to the far reaches of North America to share their passions, you can follow Julian's adventures virtually on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.


Supporting the Financially Disenfranchised in a Culture of Consent 


Moogle Macabre is a presenter and adult educator for polyamory and BDSM/Kink. They've been polyamorous and part of the BDSM/Kink community for over a decade. They served on the board of TNG-AZ (The Next Generation of Kink) for over 8 years and have been presenting on polyamory and various BDSM/Kink topics for over 8 years. They identify not only as polyamorous and kinky, but also as queer, gray ace, genderqueer and neurodivergent. They live and manage a large polyamorous household and are also a mother. They're also an advocate for LGBTQAI+ and neurodivergent individuals.​

Neurodiversity & Polyamory: A Support Discussion

Purple dress pink wall sassy landscape.j

Dr. Liz Powell believes that great sex can change the world. She is on a mission to help you have more meaningful, pleasurable relationships in life and work, as well as the bedroom. She’s a coach and licensed psychologist (CA 27871) helping couples and singles develop self-confidence and authenticity in their relationships, whether conventional or non-traditional. Dr. Liz has made multiple media appearances, including on,, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio show Ideas. As a sex educator, Dr. Liz has spoken on many stages internationally including the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists Annual Conference, the Guelph Sexuality Conference, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Her new book, Building Open Relationships, is the newest way she is spreading the Great Sex word. Dr Liz believes that being confident in who you are is the gateway to great relationships and great sex - and great sex, according to Dr. Liz, can change the world. Learn more about Dr. Liz at, Sex-Positive Psych on YouTube and Facebook, and @sexpospsych on Twitter.

Ethical Issues In Counseling Non-Monogamous Clients w/ Nolan Lawless


Kitty Chambliss is a #1 Amazon best selling author, relationship coach, keynote speaker, polyamorous and sex-positive activist, and founder of Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) since 2012, as well as an Outreach Representative for the Relationship Equality Foundation (REF). Kitty has been a contributing writer for such publications as Multiamory, Swingtowns, and PostModern Woman, with her advocacy work also featured in the books “Stories From the Polycule” and “It’s Called Polyamory: Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships.” She has given workshops around the country at conferences such as Beyond The Love, Atlanta Poly Weekend, the National Sex Educators Conference, the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Non-monogamy, and Sex Week at University of North Florida, as well as appeared as a special guest on radio shows and podcasts, such as PolyWeekly. Kitty is a professional certified relationship coach (ACC, CPC, and ELI-MP) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Lastly Kitty is thrilled to have brought her first book: “Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship” out to the world. Kitty has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships – even unconventional ones – attainable to everyone.

Within two years of authoring her blog, Kitty’s work received the Bad Girl Bloggers Award and now has 5,000+ followers. Within the first three weeks of production, her LWB award-winning podcast reached the status of New & Noteworthy on iTunes under the categories of Sexualityand Health. She enjoys interviewing world-renowned authors, speakers, educators, therapists, lawyers, and authorities in the fields of consensual non-monogamy, relationships, and even a “coming out coach.”

Kitty has worked with many clients privately over the past three years helping everyone (from singles to triads and beyond) have more deeply fulfilling love lives.

When she’s not coaching clients, writing a blog post, or capturing a podcast interview, Kitty loves to pretend she’s awesome at pole fitness dancing and being a rock star musician. She also loves immersing herself in new cultures, and savoring inspiring conversations over a great glass of wine with loved ones.



Jealousy Survival Guide


Carolyn has opened for Demetri Martin, performed at the Boston Comedy Festival, and appeared multiple times at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. She's appeared on Good Day New York, written for SheKnows and is the creator of Side Ponytail, named a Time Out NY Critics' Pick. Carolyn also writes, edits and performs in Sexually Speaking, a variety web series, highlighting the poignant moments of her sexual exploration and blogs weekly for:



Sexually Speaking @ Friday Night Variety Show

Infinite Love 2.jpg

Koe Creation has one of the most unique life stories you’ve ever heard, guaranteed. Growing up in a sex-positive, polyamorous family and subsequent communities in Seattle, Washington, Koe learned transparent, nonviolent communication, age-appropriate discourse, and sex-positive empowerment at a young age. After actively teaching sex education and relationship skills among top educators in the USA since Koe was a teenager, they now have a decade’s worth of expertise at being a “professional pervert.” Koe is a frequent cohost of the Polyamory Weekly podcast and presents at conferences all over the United States.

This Heart Holds Many: My Life as the Nonbinary Millennial Child of a Polyamorous Family

btl 2018 swlf.png

Chris and Elisha have celebrated 11 years together as a polyamorous couple with an M/s dynamic and recently became the Arizona Master/slave 2018 titleholders. They believe that continued growth is important to a successful long term relationship and to that end are continually pushing their own, and each other’s, boundaries. They are both graduate students looking at various sex positive related topics. Chris is looking at perceptions of hierarchy and power exchange in long term polyamorous relationships. Elisha is looking at the intersection of perceived benefits of yoga and BDSM participation, for example body image. Chris has been featured on PolyWeekly and together they have presented on various topics at Behind Closed Doors, Loving More's Rocky Mountain Poly Living, Beyond the Love, Arizona State University’s Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative Conference, Arizona Power Exchange, and other venues. They lead the Arizona Chapter of Loving More, a national nonprofit 501(c)3 focused on polyamory awareness and support, in Tempe and can be reached through their website at 


Power Exchange, Polyamory, and Pain


Sophia Graham is a queer, disabled, femme, survivor. She is a sex and relationship geek and has made that interest into a career as an educator, coach and therapist. She works online with a range of clients, including sex workers, performers, kinksters, neuroqueers, and people across the gender, sexual and relationship diversity spectrum. She splits her time between the US and UK.

What Disability Politics taught me (and can teach you) about self-consent


Liz Newsom, LCSW, is a gender and sexuality affirming therapist in the Dallas area specializing in individuals who identify as kinky and/or consensually non-monogamous. She employs DBT, CBT, strengths based perspective, Feminist theory and EMDR to help her clients achieve their goals. She runs a private practice focused on providing a space for new therapists to learn sex positivity. In her free time she likes to find opportunities to provide community and professional education around sexuality based topics.​

Poly Parenting 101: How Not To F*ck Up Your Kids


Emma Bell is a 200hr RYT and has been a passionate teacher of All Bodies Rise Yoga for almost three years. She holds fundraiser classes called Activism via Yoga every month to support anti-oppression movements in Tucson. Her classes include low lighting, silky tunes, and gentle movements that encourage students to lean towards pleasure and foster a deeper relationship with their bodies. Follow Emma's All Bodies Rise Yoga to stay up to date on her class offerings.

All Bodies Rise Yoga - Saturday morning


Emily first started yoga when she was in high school in rural Illinois. She couldn't touch her toes and many of the poses required an agonizing strength to keep her legs steady. But despite the difficulty–or perhaps exactly because of it–slowly her body began to unfold. How sweet and amazing is it to find an opening right in the heart of effort? She moved to Tucson in 2007 and for the first time started taking regular yoga classes at YogaOasis, which turned into a swan dive into teacher training. In her classes she loves playing with new possibilities, and she works to create a fun, supportive space to experiment while rooting the practice in good alignment and strong effort. Off the mat, she loves all kinds of outdoor adventures–rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking–and her best friend says her laugh is like a volcano.  

Yoga - Sunday morning

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