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Meet the Team


Kate Kincaid

Kate is a licensed therapist w a private practice in Tucson, AZ specializing in working with gender and sexual minorities. She is passionate about providing continuing education for other clinicians about lgbtqia+ issues as well as ethical non-monogamy.

sara pic.jpg

Sara Bachman-Williams (She/Her)

Sara is a community organizer, activist and coach and identifies as queer and pansexual. She also just started renovating and building a small co-housing co-op in Tucson. She co-raises her daughter between California and Arizona with her former partner and metamour and has been in non-monogamous relationships since 2006. 


Rachel Castillo-Larriva (She/Her)

Rachel is a queer, kinky, polyamorous, pleasure seeking Pisces. Passionate about photography & the power of play. She makes art about gender, sexuality and the body.


Lisanette Adelaida Ruiz (They/Them)

As a Psychonaut, Healer, and Spiritual Seeker, Lisannette is on a mission to help transform our current social norms and systems to make room for a new narrative that centers our innate ability to heal ourselves.


Truth be told, they're just a ray of rainbow light trying to enlighten
those who are ready while reveling in the process. They have over 10 year s of experience with ethical non-monogamy, and this is their second year with the Southwest Love Fest .


Courtney Armstead (She/Her)

Courtney is a fat, queer, POC, social justice activist, femme roller derby player who practices ethical non-monogamy.

In her spare time, she also enjoys
dismantling the white supremacist
patriarchy and is here to hold space and support participants with emphasis on queer, marginalized POC’s .

Sonoran Desert.jpg

Intimacy Con Amour (They/Them)

SWLF Ambassador, stay tuned for updated bio!

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