Self-Care Tent and Emotional Support Volunteers

We hope that people find the workshops personally meaningful and emotionally moving as we engage in workshops covering the best of ideals and practices in non-monogamy as well as the down-and-dirty shadows that, sometimes, accompany non-monogamous reality. It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the content, pace, and exciting people at a conference like this. We encourage all participants to take care of themselves: eat regularly, drink water, get enough sleep, be mindful of your energy, and be aware of your emotional state.


For those who need a break from the bustle of the workshops, there will be a self-care tent on the hotel lawn. The self-care space will be open at all hours. Activities available include: coloring books, sudoku, legos, crossword puzzles and more.


While we encourage people to take care of themselves, we also understand the importance of human connection during difficult emotions. To encourage full emotional engagement with the conference, we will have emotional support staff available to hold space and listen. If you are triggered by something at the conference and need support, they are here. Emotional support staff can be identified by their white shirts. Emotional support staff can also be contacted via any conference staff member on duty.


Emotional support staff members should not be used as a substitute for professional counseling and therapy. Emotional support staff members are people who are volunteering their time in a non-professional way and most have no professional or formal training. We are here to listen, support you in caring for yourself, and encourage you to get further professional therapy if necessary.

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