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Affectionate Alchemy

Andre Shakti (she/her)

Andre Shakti (she/her) is a queer—white—cisgender—polyamorous educator, activist, performer and professional slut based in Baltimore, MD. She strips, she whips, and she likes dogs more than you. | | | @notandreshakti (IG) | @andreshakti (X) |

Bex Mui (she/her)

Bex Mui, M. Ed, (she/her) is a biracial, Chinese & Polish, first generation, queer witch, certified energy worker, and spiritual organizer. In 2021, Bex founded House of Our Queer, dedicated to enhancing the spiritual health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community, and wrote House Of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice. 

Bex worked in national LGBTQ+ advocacy from 2016-2021, where she was featured on CBS News for LGBTQ-Inclusive Sexual Health Advocacy and on the podcast Third Space for Queer and Trans Affirming Mental and Sexual Health Advocacy. Through House Of Our Queer, Bex hosts virtual and in-person workshops focused on ritual and reflection for self-growth. As a life-long educator, Bex brings her expertise in co-creating brave learning spaces and blending healing modalities, from Tarot cards to reclaimed religious roots, to meet the needs of her communities.

David Urbaniak

David (he/him) has been a realtor for over 20 years and is with Keller Williams Realty. He is the proud sponsor of Southwest Love Fest for the last 6 years.

Desirée Maultsby (she/her)

In 2018, Desirée Maultsby founded the Sacred Circle Institute, a nurturing ground for exploring the divine feminine through personal consultations, engaging workshops, and transformative retreats. Holding a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Sophia University, she brings over 20 years of experience in therapeutic massage, enriched with certifications in intuitive process painting, holistic sexuality education, and more. Her journey, deeply rooted in self-healing and creative exploration, has evolved into a passionate mission to guide others in their transformative explorations, especially in the realms of play, intimacy, eros, and pleasure.

Dr. Az del Pino, DNP-PMHNP (he/they)

Dr. Az del Pino (pronunciation: A as in Apple) is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, who owns and runs a mental health clinic in Tucson, Arizona. Peacock Mental Health was born out of Dr. Az' experiences as a bi guy with ADHD, feeling stigmatized when accessing healthcare, and the experiences his gender expansive, LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent clients shared of healthcare trauma. They now specialize in medication management and affirming mental health treatment for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or are neurodivergent in some way.  Teaching is a passion for Dr. Az who has run guest lectures at the University of Arizona to ensure students are educated in affirming psychiatric care. They also present at therapy practices to bridge the gap between psychotherapy and medication management approaches, creating more spaces where clients have a collaborative and aligned mental health team. Dr. Az also creates and presents educational content including a module on affirming documentation for OutCare Health.

Dr. Patricia Babin (she/her)

Dr. Babin has over 25 years of experience working in the fields of rehabilitation, health psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral health pharmacy. She is polyamorous with a nesting partner in CA and a partner in NC. She is knowledgeable about many alternative lifestyles. 

In addition, she is a pharmacist with training in how to understand the medications that you are taking and how they may be affecting libido and/or sexual performance. Having worked with clinically and culturally diverse populations, she can address health changes with aging and disability, particularly as those issues relate to sexual functioning. Her goal is to help people realize their potential whether it be “sex”, relationships, intimacy, or health concerns.

She is also obtaining her sex therapy certification and has successfully completed the Master Certified Life Coach training. Dr. Babin’s passion is helping individuals ages 12 through 99+ understand themselves better in order to make the changes they desire. 

Find out more at

Emily Graham (they/them)

Emily, or Em, (they/them) is a nonbinary, queer, polyamorous, white, neurodivergent, abolitionist therapist. Emily has a passion for learning and creating a better world for everyone, especially through their work with individuals and relationships in their therapy practice. Emily is a licensed clinical social worker dedicated to anti-oppressive work and liberation.

When Em isn’t working with clients or creating badass courses, they enjoy spending their time learning, practicing tarot, foraging for mushrooms, collecting cool rocks, and snuggling with their four cats and two nesting partners. 

@liberated.relationships @seedsofliberationcounseling

Eve Rickert (she/her)

Eve Rickert is a Gen X, queer, solo polyamorous, relationship anarchist, neurodivergent cis woman living on unceded W̱SÁNEĆ and Lekwungen territory on the west coast of the place currently known as Canada. She is the curator of the More Than Two Essentials series and the nonmonogamy resource site, the founder and publisher of Thornapple Press, and the founder and mastermind of the science communications firm Talk Science to Me. 

Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers

Evita “Lavitaloca” Sawyers is a black, queer, femme, ethical non-monogamy coach, speaker, educator, and author. She is the creator of “Today’s Polyamory Reminder,” which has inspired over 50,000 followers. She is the author of the newly released "A Polyamory Devotional-365 Daily Reflections for the Consensually Nonmonogamous". 

Evita is also the subject of the groundbreaking polyamorous documentary “Poly-Love”.  In her coaching and education, she specializes in navigating the transition from monogamy to non-monogamy, coping with jealousy, and articulating difficult emotions in healthy ways. She is appreciated for her candid shares about her own personal journey with nonmonogamy and her frank yet balanced and empathetic approach.

Fen Futureheart (they/he)

Fen (they/he) is an advocate for mutual aid, trans rights, and open communication. They believe in making the world better with small everyday acts of kindness and solidarity along with building community and bigger movements for change. You can find them at dance parties, giving testimony at the state legislature, sharing free food, or at home playing various role-playing games. Their background in environmental and interpretive education, nonprofit management, and political outreach have all fueled a love for public speaking. For the past seven years they've been practicing polyamory, learning a lot along the way, and endeavor to always be learning and improving communication skills.

Forest Williams (he/they)

Forest Williams (he/they) is a queer, trans witch and relationship coach offering spiritual guidance for liberatory relationships. He most closely aligns with Solo Polyamory and Relationship Anarchy, centering his life around community rather than sexual/romantic partners.

Heather Franck (she/her)

A thrice returning presenter, Heather Franck is an artist best known for her books, Polyamory is Sketchy and Poly Bullet Journal. She co-leads polyQ, a social and support network for queers in polyamory. Heather has presented at Poly Living in Philadelphia, RelateCon, Atlanta Poly Weekend, and genderevolution. She is passionate about LGBTQ visibility and educational outreach. Heather practices hierarchical polyamory in Idaho with her primary partner and is going steady with a Dewey Decimal Dyke.

Intimacy ConAmore (they/he/she)

Intimacy ConAmore, known as @polyfreelove on various social media platforms, is a multiracial GenderQueer great-grandchild of an enslaved African-American.  They identify as polyamorous, kinky, Demisexual/Asexual, Bisexual/Pansexual, and Solopoly. Open to all humans regardless of gender, sexuality, or genitalia, Intimacy values unfiltered authenticity and uninhibited connectivity with others. A parent of young black men and an experienced polyamorous/kink veteran of over 30+ years. Since 2014, Intimacy has organized local Dallas/Ft. Worth poly events, extending support and advocacy to polyamorous communities in various cities across the state. Currently, they focus on speaking about polyamory, sharing personal experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. Having presented at multiple polyamorous-focused conferences and events, Intimacy is also involved in human sexuality education and services. In their diverse roles, Intimacy works as a $exy surrogate, compassionate companion, sensuality self-love mentor, and provides private kinky education guidance sessions, emphasizing consent and boundaries.

Jace Ryden (he/him)

Jace C. Ryden has made Arizona his home for more than twenty years. He prides himself as being an outspoken advocate for transgender, LGBTQ+, and civil rights, and has worked with numerous organisations throughout the state to raise both awareness and funds. Through his work as entertainer "Freddy Prinze Charming" Jace has used his visibility to work with organisations like The Imperial Court of Arizona, Phoenix Pride, Drag Story Hour, GLSEN, Rebel & Divine, NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona, and Arizona Trans Youth and Parents Organization (AZTYPO), and be a face of the transgender community in Phoenix.

James-Amutabi Connie Haines (he/they)

James-Amutabi Connie Haines (They/Them/He/Him) is a Baltimore born, Bay Area breed queer and questioning relationship anarchist of the people on lands currently called: Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu, Benin, Togo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Northwestern Europe and North America.

They are a multimodal artist, educator, facilitator, workshop leader, community organizer, guide, author, consultant, and cook. They are committed to taking the stories of their life, their vulnerability, and their creativity to choreograph, and re-story an ancient-futuristic human way. 

James-Amutabi loves to inspire people into using their creative expression, their bodies, and their pleasure as a means by which to get free, and is committed to fostering compassionate communities and individuals that support adults and youth in realizing and reaching their fullest and most pleasurable potential. 

Check them out @

Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez (he/him)

Jonathan Gutierrez is an experienced ICF Credentialed group coach, facilitator, and somatic coach. In Jonathan’s work, his focus is to create awareness, acceptance, and vulnerability in the spaces that he facilitates. As a somatic coach, his mission is to support people in connecting somatically to their body’s wisdom, to be present with whatever arises, creating flow and clarity in their lives. His own transformation through work with men has led him to have a passion for helping men connect vulnerability to each other and eventually open up in all aspects of their lives. Some of his identities include Filipino, Cuban, Queer, Male, meditator, mechanical engineer, rock climber, and movement and flow enthusiast. He has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and worked in that field for 8+ years. He has completed his coach training with the Mindfulness Coaching School and has his ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Learn more at

Kevin A. Patterson, M.Ed. (he/him)

Kevin Patterson is an active member of the Philadelphia polyamory community. He's been practicing ethical nonmonogamy since August of 2002 after opening up a relationship that eventually became his marriage. In April of 2015, Kevin was inspired to start Poly Role Models, an interview series for people describing their experiences with polyamory. 

Poly Role Models was part of a drive and a desire to change the way our lives and communities are viewed. To continue that discussion of polyamorous representation, Kevin has extended the blog's work into the writing of the book, Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. Along with co-writer Alana Phelan, Kevin launched a sci-fi novel series, For Hire, that centers characters of color as well as other marginalized identities.

Lady Haha Comedy

Lady Haha Comedy provides safe spaces for marginalized communities to  perform comedy through their open mics and comedy variety shows in AZ. Lady Haha has become more than just access to comedy; it has become a  community of like-minded individuals focused on providing affordable,  diverse, and inclusive comedy. Priscilla Fernandez and Mo Urban founded Lady Haha Comedy in 2021, and both women have been awarded Tucson's Best Comedian via The Tucson Weekly's annual voting.

Enjoying and  performing comedy should be fun and safe, so they encourage anyone wanting to try comedy to attend their open mics at Hotel Congress or any of their shows!

Lilith Foxx (she/her)

Lilithfoxx (she/her) is an accomplished Board-certified sexologist, educator, and professional speaker with a specialized focus on alternative sexuality, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), LGBTQ+ and disability inclusion, and cultural competency in clinical, academic, and research settings. Presently, she is engaged in pursuing her AASECT Sexuality Educator certification, and is a student at The Kinsey Institute, demonstrating her commitment to the field and professional growth. Identifying as a BIPOC, Queer, and neurodivergent individual, Lilith brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work. This personal insight has been key in developing her specialty areas and contributing to a more inclusive conversation about sexuality and relationships. Lilith’s connection to alternative sexuality extends beyond her professional work. For over a decade, she has identified with kink and polyamorous communities, even stepping into the roles of community organizer and educator in these spaces for the past five years. She is also a skilled workshop facilitator, delivering sessions on relationships, sexuality, intimacy, and inclusion. Her workshops have reached global audiences through conferences around the world, ensuring a wide and diverse range of perspectives in her audience. Lilith draws on her experiences as a proud former sex worker to inform her professional approach and expertise, fostering a deeper understanding of the varied facets of sexuality. Her insights and expertise have been recognized and featured in major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Glamour, Kinkly, Ask Men, Mashable, and many more.

Before her foray into sexuality education and consultancy, Lilith enjoyed a successful decade-long career in digital marketing. As a senior-level digital marketing director, SEO-specialist, web developer, and business consultant, she worked with businesses spanning from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She continues to utilize these skills, providing marketing and business consulting services to sex-positive and adult-industry businesses.

Through her professional endeavors, Lilithfoxx continues to inspire, educate, and foster a more inclusive understanding of sexuality, relationships, and intimacy.

Liz Newsom (she/they)

Liz Newsom, LCSW, is a gender and sexuality affirming therapist in the Dallas area specializing in individuals who identify as kinky and/or consensually non-monogamous. She employs DBT, CBT, strengths based perspective, Feminist theory, EMDR & parts work to help her clients achieve their goals. She runs a private practice focused on providing a space for new therapists and social work students to learn sex positivity and inclusivity.

Additionally, she likes to find opportunities to provide community and professional education around sexuality based topics. In her free time she likes to spend time with her kids, time with partners, remodel her home & take road trips.

For more info visit:

Marla (they/them)

Marla MSW, RSW (they/them) is a White, Queer, gender-defiant, neurodynamic, counsellor, and educator who has been practicing polyamory since 2005. They have been offering non-monogamy (NM) workshops and consultations in academic and professional settings as of 2009. Based in Toronto (Canada), their therapy practice centers the experiences of 2SLGBTQIA+ and NM identities and relationships. In 2020, as alternative relationship structures were expanding into mainstream popularity, Marla introduced @polyamarla as an accessible, anti-oppressive, intersectional resource on social media. PolyaMarla has since grown into a team effort that offers education, training, and consultation for those who are practicing, or interested in understanding NM for personal and professional development. You can find Marla on Instagram, TikTok, & Clapper @polyamarla, or check out their educational programming through

Mel Moseley (she/her)

Mel has been practicing polyamory for more than 12 years. She created her own User Manual in 2018 after discovering that she had some quirks in her reactions and personality that might be more easily explained to current and potential partners in writing. In the process, she also learned a lot about herself! Her User Manual is a living document and is frequently updated. It’s been a catalyst towards getting her back to “Original Mel.” Find out more about her work at

Mikaela de la Myco (she/they)

Mikaela de la Myco comes from a blended ancestry.  Her ancestors come from southern italy, the caribbean and mexico and she uplifts their perspectives in the space of entheogens.  In her everyday life, Mikaela serves as a mother, an educator, a folk herbalist, a community organizer and entheogen facilitator in occupied Kumeyaay & Luiseno territory, also known as San Diego, CA. She cares for all people with ancestral healing ways and holds special focus in serving small-businesses, cooperatives, non-monogamous people, psychedelic families, femmes and people seeking full-spectrum herbal womb care.  She has collaborated as an educator and activist with hundreds of companies and organizations within the sacred earth medicine space and is well known as a maternal caretaker in the community.  Her platforms, Mama de la Myco and the mushWOMB generate educational content that weaves the tapestry of medicine woman, psychedelic mother and sacred hoe.  In all her creations, Mikaela de la Myco has made the commitment to rematriate entheogens by advocating for ethics and womb to tomb psychedelic literacy.  Her most recent movement, Mothers of the Mushroom is an open source research and resources project meant to further permission the world into remembering that psychedelics are for families.

Mike Joseph (he/him)

Mike Joseph is the host and producer of the podcast "Detoxicity", which aims to remix the conversation around what's considered masculine. He has interviewed over 150 men across all walks of life about everything from parenting to creative pursuits to sexuality. Mike is also a former co-host of the podcast "Life on the Swingset" and is a certified life coach.

Moogle Macabre (she/they)

Moogle Macabre (she/they) is a presenter and adult educator for Polyamory and BDSM/Kink. They've been polyamorous and part of the BDSM/Kink community for over a decade. They served on the board of TNG-AZ (The Next Generation of Kink) for over 8 years and have been presenting on polyamory and various BDSM/Kink topics for even longer. 

They identify as black and disabled, polyamorous and kinky, queer and neurodivergent, as well as goth and geeky. They live with and manage a large polyamorous household and are the mother of an amazing neurodivergent NB kiddo. They're also an advocate for LGBTQAI+, mental health, and neurodivergent individuals. This is their 5th year back, and they're honored to be presenting again!

Nick/Nicole T. Castro, MA (they/them)

Nick/Nicole T. Castro, MA (they/them) is a genderqueer, bisexual, biracial, polyam trans queerling who brings a lens of embodiment and mindfulness to study violence-used-as-communication. As a relational communication expert with, Nick helps individuals and groups align their intention & their impact in the world. They seek to make the revolution sustainable through co-created spaces that invite and teach people how to practice new, nonviolent forms of self-expression across their relationships and community organizing. In her rest time, she enjoys podcasts, practices Tai Chi, and rides motorcycles.

@liberated.relationship @RAD.Talk

Rachael Rose (she/they)

Rachael Rose is a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach and Educator, artist, and graphic designer. She's chronically ill and disabled, queer, neurodivergent, and polyamorous. As a coach, she specializes in working with chronically ill and disabled folks, as well as those who are neurodivergent around the impact those can have on sex, relationships, and more. Rachael is also the creator of the award-winning sexuality blog, the co-founder of Glittergasm Events, an event company that hosts inclusive and accessible sex-positive play parties for the LGBTQ+ community. She also runs her own small graphic design and art business, Genetic Lemon Creative Studio. Learn more at or on social at @hedonish, and at

Rebbeca Lahann, Psy.D. (she/her)

Dr. Lahann is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, and speaker. She is focused on providing education, resources, and psychological services as the Clinical Director of Spectrum Psychology and Wellness in Gilbert. AZ. Her work specializes in individual counseling and holistic sex therapy, focusing on intersectional approaches to values-aligned living across the lifespan. She has experience working with diverse bio-psycho-social-sexual backgrounds, relational dynamics, and a broad spectrum of mental health presentations. She is a sex positive, gender, sexuality and alternative lifestyle affirming therapist, and is a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)'s Kink and Polyamory Aware Professionals Directory (KAP). Dr. Lahann has been an active member of her professional community in various roles. She is Past-President of both the Arizona Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium. You can find Dr. Lahann on Instagram: @DrRebbecaLahann.

Rebecca Jay, LCSW (they/them)

Rebecca Jay (they/them) is a social worker, therapist, and sex educator who works predominantly with the alt-sex, neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+ communities. They are the co-founder of Glittergasm Events, LLC, a Philadelphia-based queer play party company. They are the co-author of the book “It’s called Polyamory” Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships. They are a writer who addresses issues of polyamory, cancer, sex education, and mental illness. Rebecca has spoken at CatalystCon East, West, and Midwest, Poly For All Seasons, AwesomeCon, Rocky Mountain Poly Living, Atlanta Poly Weekend, InfinityCon, Sex Down South, DragonCon, and Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. As always, they are working on their next book.

Sam Duong Woloszynski (she/they)

Sam is a dancer, facilitator, and educator who fosters a culture of inclusion, bodily autonomy, and interdependent care. With a focus on body-mind connection and a trauma-informed lens, they hold space for somatic, experiential learning in their workshops. They’re a Certified Authentic Consent Facilitator with the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, an alumni of the Consent for Educators Program with Consent Wizardry, a partner dance instructor in their local West Coast Swing community, and a lifelong learner. Their work is informed by experiences in queer and "in-between" identities, including in bisexual, gender-expansive, queer-relating, mixed race, neurodiverse, Vietnamese-American, Spanish-speaking, and cross-cultural communities.

Nourished Heart Collective | Instagram

Sergio and Carla

Sergio and Carla have a background in wellness and healing. They have nomadically traveled and lived in many countries and bring their cultural knowledge and wisdom into each space they curate. Together they hold ceremonies and sound healings for people to come into a space of peace and tranquility. Through their offerings, they have a passion in helping others awaken their hearts and find balance in their own inner truth.

Sergio  |  Joint Offerings  |  Carla

Sumter Freitag (they/them)

Sumter/April Sumter-Freitag Sumter is an eighth generation Black Canadian with Mi'kmaq, Cherokee and Scottish ancestry living on the unceded Territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. Sumter identifies as queer, nonbinary, polyamorous and brings their unique insight as a filmmaker, writer and performance artist, facilitator and mentor. Sumter’s lived experience informs and inspires their social justice work which centers anti oppressive practice supporting BIPOC, Trans Two Spirit, Gender Non Binary, Disability and Sex Work communities. 

T Michael Trimm (he/him/sir)

Michael is a prominent face within the Arizona and New Mexico LGBTQ+ communities. He has made a name for himself as performer Teddy Michael, has represented the Imperial Court of Arizona and the Imperial Sovereign Court of New Mexico, was featured on MTV’s ‘True Life’ in 2009 and 2015, and is an award-winning promoter and pageant owner. He is currently the Executive Director of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico. Michael has used their platforms throughout the years to educate, fundraise, and be an outspoken activist. His passion for education is evident in the way they seek to teach others about the transgender and gender expansive community through compassion and understanding, and a willingness to open a dialogue.

Yoseñio V Lewis (he/him)

Yoseñio V. Lewis is a Latino of African Descent transman who has been a social justice activist since he was 13 years old. A consultant, health educator, speaker, trainer, facilitator, writer, performer, out poly and kinky person and a spiritual hugger, Yoseñio has been a panelist and keynote speaker at numerous universities and sexuality conferences. He was one of the inaugural honorees of The Trans 100 list. 

Yoseñio is a member the Columbia University Community-Collaborative Advisory Board and a member of The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians. Yoseñio is a Certified Restorative Justice Practitioner and has completed the Introduction to the Principles of Kingian Nonviolence. He is on the faculty for the Sex Justice Track of the National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Conference. 

Yoseñio is a Trans Patient Educator at Stanford University. Yoseñio has been featured in several documentaries about gender identity and the trans* experience. He is the founder of Written In The Flesh Erotic Readings (an on-stage opportunity for the lifting up of People of Color voices in Erotica and Sexual Liberation). Yoseñio is also an aspiring Voice Over Artist. Yoseñio believes that there can be no art without activism and no activism without art.

Zach Budd (he/him)

Zach Budd, LMSW is a self-proclaimed nerd, a sex geek, and a consent junkie. He has been actively polyamorous for at least 15 years and kinky for as long as he can remember. Zach is a consent educator, social worker, and mental health professional. He firmly believes that everyone has the right to their choice of how to “live, love and relate”.  Zach lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston, Texas where he enjoys listening to and playing music, advocating for his own and others’ self care, all things Star Trek, reading, gaming, hockey, cooking, cigars, bourbon, and is owned and loved by a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia. Zach is dedicated to his work in mental health and is currently working with people who identify among the LGBTQIA+ community and those in nonmonogamous and kinky relationship structures.   Zach has served on polyamory and kink discussion panels, conducted workshops, participated in SAR panels for ISEE and other organizations, delivered keynote speeches, and recorded podcast episodes on the subjects of polyamory, consent and kink. He is also Liaison for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a proud member of the Board of Directors for Loving More. The nation’s oldest polyamory organization.

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